Peachtree Cloud Hosting

What’s Peachtree?

Peachtree is one of the leading accounting software. With Peachtree solutions, you can eliminate all the technical headaches for accounting professionals.

Peachtree cloud accounting software is the most economical, handiest and easiest solution that fulfills all your clerking and accounting needs. Peachtree cloud hosting is the first priority by any business firm. It not only has high potency but is only very cost effective along with the superb services. Cloudies365 is one of the most reliable providers of Peachtree cloud hosting services among the businesses and accountants worldwide.

If you are a business owner, and need to remotely access your Peachtree data and financial data records from anywhere and anytime with internet access as a local desktop interface, you need to have Peachtree cloud hosting. With this service, you can easily and moreover securely Peachtree financial software from any Internet browser. Peachtree accounting software is lucrative and easy to set-up.

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Why Use of Peachtree Accounting Software?

Peachtree allows managers and comptrollers to automate and deal with different accounting tasks, including—

  • Customizable business reports,
  • Simplified business dashboards,
  • Expanded budgeting,
  • Sequential inventory,
  • Modernized billing and voicing
  • UPS integration and much more.

With Peachtree hosting software, you can improve the accuracy which is a necessity for accounting tasks. It allows different user-friendly and improve features to abridge the accountancy like in this manner:

  • Generate financial statements and check invoices.
  • Importing, exporting and managing spreadsheets.
  • Integrating accounts billed and received.
  • Tracking banking transfers and payroll.
  • Incorporating scanned documents like receipts, checks, and invoices, getting rid of paper use from the accounting process.

With Peachtree hosting services, users can easily access the package from anywhere, anytime. They offer bonded time period and access. Peachtree has enhanced the benefit of victimization on this package and data storage. The benefit of Peachtree cloud hosting services entails revenue generation by serving most customers dwelling in different locations with very less move expense.

Peachtree Business Software

Peachtree Business SoftwareYou already know that Sage 50, the new name for Peachtree accounting software, may assist you in maintaining the organization of your records. However, Peachtree accounting software has been in existence for a while. While some accountants have become weary of its numerous drawbacks, others swear by it. The software peachtree is just a version of Sage 50 and is used for accounting software hosting. The accounting software Peachtree, presently known as Sage 50, was first created by Sage Software. Sage 50 still offers the same comprehensive features that many users adored about Peachtree, despite the brand change. Although Peachtree Accounting is only one choice, its strong functionality and scalability have made it quite popular. The technology will undoubtedly help small and large companies, as well as independent contractors, to streamline their accounting procedures.

Peachtree cloud hosting can be also considered by self-employed professionals for their own clients. Having this hosting, they have the flexibility to manage their multiple clients from anywhere, anytime. The software assist firms host their firm data online for which accountants don’t have to go to work premises and connect their system according to their convenience.

Why Cloudies365?

When managing a business, keeping the financial data intact is one of the toughest jobs to do. Your data’s security and organization is our top most priority. At cloudies365, our team holds a lot of competent and high experience and is highly confident to resolve your issues. We provide you with seamless data security, backup, recovery, and continuity solutions. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you and guide you. Solving our customer’s issue is our top most priority. Consisting of all the processors and devices. Cloudies 365 is at your best service with several customizable facilities. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced technicians. We work together to provide you with the best services.

Benefits offered by Cloudies365

We are a trusted cloud hosting provider and offer customizable and cost efficient plans to our users.

round the clock support

Round the clock support from cloud experts

Customizable plans that fit every budget

Unprecedented Scalability and Customizable Plans

Complete and comprehensive recovery plans

Save as many company files as you’d like

Share data over encrypted network with colleagues and CPAs

Server uptime of 99.99% guaranteed

Guaranteed Server Uptime of 99.99

Encrypted connections for Business Data Interchange

Third party application and service integration

Hence, Peachtree application on cloud links up numbers of users of an organization dwelling in different corners of the world and they can smoothly team up to work on the similar interface. The accessibility for multiple users depends on the valid license purchased by the organization. Based on the total number of users the license is issued which can be used by every user of the organization. Peachtree cloud hosting is one of the securest platforms where an organization can host their business without any concern regarding security and safety. The hosting services offered by Cloudies365 are fully secured with data recovery methods and bank level security. All the authorized users can access and track each update.


Using cloud-based accounting software like Peachtree Cloud Hosting, small businesses may access and manage their financial data from a distance. It functions as a cloud-based virtual platform that stores all of your Peachtree accounting files safely, doing away with the need for local installations or physical servers.

The capacity to use the cloud to make websites and apps accessible online is known as cloud hosting. Cloud hosting provides increased scalability and flexibility to swiftly implement changes by pooling computing resources from a network of virtual and real servers.

The data in the cloud storage can be accessed through an internet connection and software such as web portal, web browser, or even via mobile app. 

The setup process for your account starts as soon as you purchase hosting. The following is the approximate duration for each kind of hosting: It takes less than an hour to set up a shared, reseller, optimized WordPress, and cloud site account. Setting up a VPS with Plesk or cPanel takes a few hours (about three to four).

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