Sage 50 Cloud Hosting

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting

Sage Hosting has proved to be one of the best accounting software. As time is evolving so is technology. Now we are offered with different kinds of Sage hosting versions which create a perfect balance according to your requirements. One of those versions is Sage 50 cloud hosting. This article covers everything you need to know about sage 50 hosting.

What is Sage 50 cloud hosting?

A flawless atmosphere for business accounting is ensured by Sage 50 hosting. Working together in real-time to share files with your accounting colleagues is now effortless. It handles all of the technical requirements for hosting, including setup, migration, and installation. While we take care of your Sage 50 application’s accessibility, security, and availability, you can kick back, unwind, and focus on your business accounting. You might need additional third-party software and add-on features in addition to the Sage 50 accounting software, depending on the demands of your company.

Sage 50: Here’s what you should know!!!

Sage 50 is known to be a cloud based accounting software that is based on Infrastructure as a service model. It provides you with the required computing, storage, protection, and management. It enables you to set up a remote working environment which adds more efficiency and productivity to it.

Moving to sage 50 can be a big but an efficient decision. It can create a seamless network where people can come together and work on the same platform while being in different locations. It offers you multiple customization, security offers, productivity and lets you make your work efficient.

Based on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service Model, Sage 50 Hosting service is a kind of cloud-based accounting solution that offers the networking, storage, and processing power needed to access and operate the accounting program from a distance. With the Sage 50 hosted platforms, which is based on the idea of smart cloud accounting, you may remotely use desktop software that has a similar interface and functionality, but with more processing and storage capacity.

By putting Sage 50 hosting on the cloud, designated users can collaborate and work together on the same platform from any location in the globe, offering simple solutions for more effective day-to-day financial operations. Additionally, the cloud hosting for Sage 50 hosting service provides a variety of resource customization options, allowing you to add or remove server resources as needed to fulfill a cloud based sage 50 hosting service.

What are some of the major reasons to choose Sage 50?

  • Accessible: Even when you are on go and not in your office, you can still access your data. With Sage 50, you get instant freedom to access, share or use your data.
  • Cost-friendly: No upfront cost is required to operate Sage 50. Considering there is no requirement for IT, it saves a lot of money.
  • Allows Collaboration: Despite your location and the region you’re in, you can have the benefit of collaborations. You can have collaborations, access, edit, and work on the same software. Even if you are in a different location, all you need is a stable internet connection.
  • Automatic Updates: Handling updates can be a difficult thing. There are times when you might forget, this is where this feature comes to help. With Sage 50 you will never have to worry about handling the technical parts of your daily work.
  • 24×7 Tech Support: The highly skilled technicians are always there to help you in times of crisis. You can chat, email, or call to shoot your troubles.
  • Growth & Scalability: With sage hosting, you can ensure a high productivity and growth to keep your business up and running all the time.

What factors to consider before choosing Sage 50 hosting?

Choosing your accounting software is a very important choice. Before making that choice, it is always advisable to cross check all the factors that are included. Some of the factors are explained below. Make sure to do your research as well.

  • Certifications & Reputation: There are certain standards and rules that are set by SSAE, HIPAAand GDPR law. You should always look for a software that fulfills these standards. It is very important for you to have a good experience of cloud hosting.
  • Technologies & Services Provided: This is one of the most important factors to consider. When choosing an accounting software, you need to make sure that the technologies and services provided by the software aligns with your requirements.
  • Security & Management: The accounting software prime duty is to keep your data safe and manage it efficiently. The data should be in sync and should be well protected. Data theft is a common problem that arises so you need to choose a software that keeps you and your data well protected.
  • SLAs & Contracts: You can choose your monthly subscriptions with the accounting software you are choosing. It is always advisable to go for monthly subscriptions instead of a yearly contract as it gives you an efficient work space.
  • Reliability & Performance: The selected cloud software should have a well defined, properly managed, process to deal with problems. To fulfill the performance part, always prefer to go with the one that has SSD servers for adequate performances.
  • Handy Plans: Your plans should be tailored on the basis of your needs. This way they will be able to add more value to your project. Hence, always prefer the plan that fits your needs.

Benefits offered by Cloudies365

We are a trusted cloud hosting provider and offer customizable and cost efficient plans to our users.

round the clock supportRound the clock support from cloud experts
plans that fit every budgetUnprecedented Scalability and Customizable Plans
Complete and comprehensive Disaster Recovery PlanSave as many company files as you’d like
Share data over encrypted network with colleagues and CPAsServer uptime of 99.99% guaranteed
Guaranteed Server Uptime of 99.99%Encrypted connections for Business Data Interchange
Integration with third party apps and servicesThird party application and service integration

What to expect from Cloudies365 cloud based Sage 50?

  • A good infrastructure
  • Expert Consultation with a highly skilled IT team
  • Customizable options
  • Strong secured network
  • 24×7 Tech support
  • 15 days free trial


Sage 50 is just one version that allows cloud hosting smoothly. It gives you an efficient workspace for your accounting problems. A secured network which also increases your growth and productivity on a daily basis. It is an appropriate model especially if you own a small scale business. To know more about Sage 50 cloud hosting, please book a session with our highly skilled experts at Cloudies365.

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