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Cloud Integration is the rapidly flourishing areas of enterprise software in today’s time.  Cloud CRM means any category of customer relationship management technology where the different tools of CRM, CRM software and the client data of the business exists in the cloud and the end-users receive it via internet. Basically, Cloud CRM allows access to the end-users via the web browser tools. The administrator of the CRM system has provided defined access to the employees of the organization that they can log in to the CRM system from any device/computer that is internet enabled. Cloud CRM proposes mobile apps for the users for simplifying the use of CRM in smart phones and tablets.

It is considered that an organization that has more than 10 clients should consider the use of CRM tool that exist in the Cloud. Cloud-base software for CRM is a rage for many the major benefits listed below:

  1. Scalability: Cloud-based systems are designed highly flexible with expanding capacity so a business can be scaled up and down depending upon the requirements. The total number of users and storage requirements determines the cost of the CRM. Scaling up and down is as simple as connecting with the Cloud CRM vendor, narrating him the changes to your implementation.
  2. Accessibility: As it is the trait of the Cloud-based system, you or any employee can login/access from anywhere across the globe. The only condition is strong internet connectivity for account access and client detailed information. This benefits in fulfilling last minute sales calls fetching the contact information on go.
  3. Flexibility: CRM is the major source of storage of updated client information and serving them. There are many applications/software that contribute services, seamlessly integrates directly with the CRM for exchanging information between software.  The Cloud based CRM allows these integrations with great ease and maintenance.
  4. Mobile Apps: Mobile apps again help you to access your information anytime anywhere, also supports maximum CRM solutions. The apps can be downloaded onto an Android or iOS device and the important information is available once the application is updated. This benefits the users who travel frequently and need the information instantly.
  5. Data Backup: CRM is the storage repository of all the confidential and valuable information of any organization. CRM ensures that the data is safely backed up in more than one place. Cloud based CRM systems are concerned towards the back up policies and also have a recovery process if the company data is deployed.
  6. Collaboration: Cloud-based CRM systems acknowledges the users to have their own logins and for that reason multiple accounts can be logged in simultaneously working on edits to contacts or other information. This prevents information from being stored and aloof on individual devices, as it garners easy understanding approach for sharing.
  7. Alternative Social CRM: Currently, the CRM systems are upgrading to include a social CRM aspect. This admits interactions with clients/customers in the social space to be tracked through the system and provide a comprehensive approach to customer service by integrating any social interactions. Using a cloud-based CRM system you are privileged instant access to the updates and expanded offerings without need to download a new program and/or upgrade all the devices.

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