QuickBooks Hosting

Allow QuickBooks cloud hosting to let you securely access your QuickBooks from any device or any location. With QuickBooks Cloud Hosting application, improve the accessibility, flexibility and improvise your application.


What is cloud hosting for QuickBooks?

You can install and use QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud server instead of installing it on your device, allowing you to access the program from any location and on any device. Permit your staff to safely access the data and applications used for your business from any place and on any device.

Some Considerations for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Immediate Response

  • You must first pick a reliable hosting provider.
  • Second, verify that the hosting provider has the capabilities and support you require.
  • Third, make sure you’re prioritizing security. It is very important that the hosting provider is creditable and has a reliable track record when it comes to security.

What makes QuickBooks Cloud Hosting reliable?

Customizable options

  • Easy Access
  • Flexible Teamwork
  • Efficient Data Security
  • Automatic Backup
  • Minimum IT Related Issues

How to Move

Select the appropriate
plan for you

Based on the number of users and your requirements, buy a recommended plan which is suitable for you.

Request for
User Add-on

While you’re signing up, request us for add-on users.


Now that you’re virtual desktop is ready, install QuickBooks and other applications you require.



Which versions of QuickBooks can you host?

The QuickBooks software for Windows can be hosted in a safe, multi-user cloud environment. You can receive specialized, reasonably priced monthly, half-yearly, and annual QuickBooks hosting plans as per your unique requirements, whether you use the US, Canada, or UK edition of QB Enterprise, Premier, Pro, or POS.

What all different QuickBooks Versions are available?

QuickBooks Pro Hosting

Users of QuickBooks Pro Hosting are able to conduct business remotely. Small enterprises and accountancy firms should use it.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise enables you to benefit from a wealth of advantages and round-the-clock assistance.

QuickBooks Payroll Hosting

The most freedom and flexibility are available with hosted Payroll solutions to assist in organizing your retail operation.

QuickBooks Premier Hosting

Take advantage of our SSAE-18 Type II (SOC-2) certified data centres to use intelligent, cloud-based QB Premier.

Here are some of the features to look for when choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider:

  • Uptime guarantee
  • Security features
  • Customer support
  • Ease of use
  • Cost

Despite the fact QuickBooks seem a good option, it has its own disadvantages as well:

  • Inconsistent Data Backup
  • Limited Current Users
  • Costly to maintain properly.
  • Fixed to Access

Why Host QuickBooks with Cloudies365?

A Reliable Platform

With Cloudies365, we ensure you a reliable service as a QuickBooks solution provider. We are well trusted by CPAs, bookkeepers and accounting providers for daily business work.

Our sincerity with Rules

All the data centres used by us are SSAE-18 Type-II (SOC-2) authenticated along with HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliant. This provides us SLA backed with 99.9% high data availability and time.

Low Cost in Maintenance

Just because you are looking for an efficient service provider, doesn’t mean it has to be costly. Move to Cloudies365 for effective work at a manageable cost. We have an expert team who are ready to assist you at any time.

Service Available 24/7

Our technical support team is always ready to assist you. We consist of highly skilled professionals in various aspects. In case of any issue, we are available via an email, phone or direct live chat for any guidance.

QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Hosting
Web and RDP
Technical Support
Limited Support
User Interface and Customization
Limited Features
Same Desktop features and user experience
Full Desktop features
Pricing structure
Fixed pricing
Backup and disaster recovery
Multiple License
Only QuickBooks Online
Pro, Premier, Enterprise & POS

Incorporate 200+ QuickBooks Add-ons on the same SSD server.

Make the best use of QuickBooks Cloud Based Server

Make your accounting software stronger and effective by using the QuickBooks Add-ons. With the access of QuickBooks add-ons, more power, functions and advantages will be added on to your software providing you with a proper and efficient work.

Cloudies365 with adequate Security system

As QuickBooks hosting service providers, our first priority is to ensure that your data and security remains intact. With Cloudies365, we implement top-notch ways to protect your hosted QuickBooks Desktop software and all the linked data to it. Being our client, you have nothing to worry about.






Apps Hosted

Apps Hosted

Add ons Supported

Add ons Supported

How to Download QuickBooks on your Desktop?

Choose the correct plan for yourself

According to your needs, consider a plan for yourself. You can ask an advisor for help in such cases. Choosing the right plan that meets your needs is quite advisable.

Share QuickBooks Details

In order to begin with your cloud hosting services, it is necessary for you to share your QuickBooks details. In case you don’t have it, you can always consider buying it from us.

Setting up of Cloud

As per your system’s RAM and storage, you can customize your QuickBooks cloud set up.

Hosting QuickBooks on a Server

Hosting your QuickBooks on a server is a good option. However you need to make sure that it is a safe and reliable network that keeps your data safe and makes it efficient.

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Cloud Servers for QuickBooks

QuickBooks can be easily maintained on cloud servers. With cloud servers you can get all the features of a QuickBooks desktop. It is perfect for small firms and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

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QuickBooks POS Cloud Hosting Services

QuickBooks pos cloud hosting services usually include a scalable configuration and setup of licensed QuickBooks POS applications on cloud servers. It takes care of your sale, purchase, finance, accounting etc.

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QuickBooks POS Hosting for Small Business

Quickbooks pos hosting for small businesses can help you enable a centralized storage for your critical data which is accessible from any location. It makes it easy to manage multiple locations, ensure your data is in safe hands, and expand your business.

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Multiple users can access QuickBooks at the same time. In case of any conflict between changes made, users will be provided with both the changes. They can then select the one they want to keep or they can edit their data accordingly.

Yes, you can easily share data with anyone like your law firm or CPA. You can contact our team and they will set up a secure and encrypted network for you. Through this network data can be shared securely.

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is scalability. You can contact our support team at anytime of the day to provision (secure) or deprovision(release) computing resources according to your storage and bandwidth requirements.

To ensure complete security of your confidential accounting data and personally identifiable information (PIIs) we use multiple security systems such as SSL certificates (with SHA2 hash algorithm,) SHA key encryption and firewall. We take all the appropriate measure to protect your data against cyber attacks.

QuickBooks and its data are migrated to cloud servers. Users are provided with a virtual machine software which can then be used to access the content present on the server. Any changes made are synced with the server instantly.

All the data from different softwares are migrated to cloud servers. Users are provided with a virtual machine software which can then be used to access the content present on the server. Any changes made are synced with the server instantly.

To ensure complete security of your confidential accounting data and personally identifiable information (PIIs) we use multiple security systems such as SSL certificates (with SHA2 hash algorithm,) SHA key encryption and firewall. We take all the appropriate measure to protect your data against Cyber attacks.

Dealing with a Cloud Hosting plan continues as before, through our Panel, as it is for all web facilitating plans. The distinction is situated in the framework behind the Cloud Hosting server, and does not influence the client.

Noisy Hosting servers foundation is versatile, implying that our support staff can quickly build assets, for example, CPU centers, Storage and Memory, if required, by limiting most basic issues that happen because of absence of assets, for example, log jams and down times. This is accessible just with Cloud Hosting designs and not with the ordinary shared facilitating plans.
Moreover, the Cloud Virtual stage enables the dynamic exchange of instances to other equipment if asked.

Information well being in the cloud is an important concern. Online capacity merchants, for example, The Linkup and Carbonite have lost information, and were not able recoup it for clients. Also, there is the threat that delicate information could fall into the wrong hands. Before joining with any cloud seller, clients should request data about information security rehearses, examine SLAs, and ensure they can scramble information both in travel and at rest.

When using a cloud server, QuickBooks Desktops Hosting allows you to access the business data from throughout the world. QuickBooks help you in maintaining and recording the accounting and financial processes. It provides us with automatic updates, organized data, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With cloud servers, the need for expensive hardware and IT software is cut off.

In the current status, we don’t see Inuit hosting QuickBooks. In case you wish to find a similar feature, Inuit does not offer QuickBooks hosting but it does offer QBO, which might not be as good as QuickBooks but is suitable for small business and finances.

Yes, hosting QuickBooks on cloud servers means migrating the desktop-based application to the cloud. This feature lets users access and work on the same application with the same features and tools from any internet-connected device.

It is possible to host your own QuickBooks on Cloudies365 Cloud. To get started, you will need to select between shared and dedicated QuickBooks dedicated server hosting plans, and then share your application’s license number and product code with Cloudies365.

Yes, the hosted QuickBooks platform allows multi user access to its users. If you are an authorized member, you can access, share, edit, delete information.

When researching QuickBooks there are a lot of factors that are important but one must keep the essential key points in mind. Some of the important factors that need to be kept in mind are: Customer service, Privacy, Reliability, Cost friendly, Scalability.

The cost to host QuickBooks lies somewhere between $30-$75. According to the price you pay, you get to experience the features. The service that starts at just $33 includes shared servers and additional security options.

The major requirement is to share the QuickBooks Desktop application’s license number. This is a necessity for hosting in QuickBooks.

There are always numerous options when it comes to choosing your QuickBooks hosting partner, however, cloudies365 has made a name for itself with its efficient edge cloud platform, data security, and round-the-clock technical assistance for hosting accounting software.

While QuickBooks Online is a more basic cloud-based version of the program, QuickBooks hosting refers to hosting the desktop version of the accounting program on the internet.

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