Goldmine CRM Cloud Hosting

Goldmine CRM Cloud Hosting

GoldMine is a pioneer in the CRM industry. GoldMine CRM software acknowledges and improves the business relationship to help to earn more profits. The software incorporated with robust features that help to maximize the productivity and breakthrough the efficiency of the employees that helps in client satisfaction. It also allows customizable features, easy integration with other applications, handle marketing campaigns, sales process and the current ongoing customer relationships.

How do GoldMine CRM Hosting functions?

When you shift your GoldMine CRM software to the cloud you get the capability to access your work and turn productive from anywhere-anytime. If you access your data through a virtual desktop you get the liberty of multiple employees’ access to GoldMine software 24*7, no matter wherever across the globe. The internet connectivity should be stable for accessing the software outside the office. After logging in your hosted GoldMine CRM software can remotely accessed to work with client data in cooperation with other employees in real time.

GoldMine CRM hosting helps everyone to use the same page. Even if your team members are on the road, at home or outskirts of multiple office locations. GoldMine CRM hosting is capable of integrating with other popular cloud hosted applications, like Microsoft Office, QuickBooks or Sage so you can carry out your work from one secure platform. The maximum data you shift to the cloud, you can spend time to focus on your business instead of managing your IT tasks.

Benefits of GoldMine CRM hosting

  • Cooperation with the employees and data access simultaneously.
  • Curtail stress level by escalating the burden of software installation and maintenance.
  • Employ powerful CRM software tailored specially to benefit the small or med-size business.
  • Afford software tools for your company to lessen the burden of hefty work and cost.
  • Follow the new trend of flexible cloud computing services that grows and expands your needs.

GoldMine CRM Hosting Security

Once you associated with Cloudies365 and have your GoldMine CRM hosted at our datacenter. Your entire applications and important data managed and handled by certified security experts that protect your cloud services with enterprise class technology and procedures. Sometimes the software and hardware category used to protect data are more extensive. You promised a secure network that backed up, totally free from virus and recoverable regardless of the nature of the problem in your in-house technology. With GoldMine CRM hosting software you save quality time and huge business money at the same time free from all the burden of managing installations and upgrades on desktop or laptops. It all managed by exceptionally talented engineers at Cloudies365 at affordable cost monthly basis.

Choose ultra-secure GoldMine CRM cloud hosting solution of Cloudies365 that especially designed to help make your business more successful. By hosting your software through Cloudies365 Cloud Based CRM Solution. You are provided with instant access to your information, reliable and friendly support staff, a flat monthly rate and no hidden costs. Simply with your internet connection, your CRM cloud, application, and data are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Why Host with Cloudies365?

  • Reliable, secure and 24*7 Availability: Cloudies365 offers a reliable, secure and real-time remote access (using a secure login and password). Data access anywhere across the globe with the same efficiency and speed similar to your desktop.
  • Quick & Easy Installation Process: GoldMine CRM hosting can easily installed on high speed terminal servers that application access easier and quick response makes the users more productive. The data can easily downloaded anywhere-anywhere required.
  • Cost Effective: GoldMine CRM hosting is highly cost effective. There is almost nil investment in IT infrastructure. The software installed on the Cloudies365 terminal servers and is accessible through a secure online web interface.
  • Easy Synchronization with other applications: GoldMine CRM hosting integrates with other major applications and add-ons if required by the user. We successfully integrate Goldmine with Lacerte Tax, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Office applications.

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