ATX Tax Cloud Hosting

ATX Tax Cloud Hosting

ATX Tax software is an essential featured software that has a straight approach to recording the tax return for each financial year. With ATX, you can improve your company’s efficiency and growth. It will help you in growing your business and improve its scalability on a higher level.

As a business owner, your taxes getting paid on time is as important as managing your business. When taking care of your taxes and financial statements, you need to keep a close check so that it can be completed properly. As an organization holder, you need to develop right strategies which help you in setting up proper benefits for your business administration. You need to set up a brand and have a good reputation in the market which will make the users have faith in you.

Here at Cloudies365, we offer ATX Tax Cloud Hosting which is an automatic tax hosting software that manages all the duties and complexities.

Make Your ATX powerful by Hosting it on the Cloud

Engage ATX with all apps & Add ons in one connected cloud

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Full time collaboration
  • Customization available
  • 200+ Integrations available

Why choose Cloudies365 for ATX Software hosting

  • Efficient Uptime: With minimal downtime, it also provides uninterrupted services.
  • 45 days Guaranteed Backup: A rest assured guaranteed backup will be provided in case of accidental deletion or disaster.
  • Seamless Sharing: Share files, tax information among the team easily without any hassle.
  • Customer Support: Receive on the spot and accurate responses around the clock.

How to choose ATX software? Three easy steps

  1. Choose a hosting plan

Depending upon the number of ATX accounting Software users, select a plan. You can reach cloudies365 so that we can recommend a pricing model that best matches your requirements.

  1. Share ATX accounting software details

All you have to do is share your license details with us and we’ll have you covered. Get in touch with our experts today and take guidance to experience a smooth transition.

  1. Get started instantly

Don’t worry, our team will install your ATX software and migrate your data to the cloud. The entire set up only requires 90 minutes and costs no extra charge.

A single cloud for all your apps & Add Ons

You can integrate 200+ add ons easily with your ATX software using one centralized platform. This will make it simpler for you to operate, access, and monitor your work.

  • Integrate 200+ addons- Smoothly connected add ons to ATX software & increase productivity.
  • Quick & easy setup- Setup, complete and update your tax software for free.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage- Store as much data as you want and store it wherever.

Speed Up Tax Filing Process With ATX Hosting

Offering minimal latency, you can achieve business operations with HPC servers. So, if one fails the other server will kick in to avoid the interruption.

  • Remote Access- File your taxes using ATX tax software at any time, anywhere.
  • High Performance Computing- Leverage lightning efficient SSD servers for faster work.
  • Drag & Drop File- You can transfer your drop file quickly and easily on the cloud.

A well connected Customer Service

Doesn’t matter how difficult your hosting requirements are or which issue you’re facing. We will provide you with a better solution for every query.

  • 24*7 Support- Always find our team with a well connected customer service.
  • Calling support- We provide you with a 24*7 calling for assistance to help you in times of emergencies.
  • Multi assistance support- You can reach out to us via call, text, email etc.

Feel Free to Customize Your Hosted ATX software

The plans we offer are customizable. As per your demands you’ll be able to change your plans.

  • Scale your resources- According to your preference, you can scale your resources up and down.
  • Switch Plans- You always have the option to switch your plans easily.
  • Sufficient Payment mode- Pay according to what you’re using.

We use the best security practices

Cloudies365 employs cutting edge security that helps in preventing data breaches. To ensure compliance, security, stable performance, and risk prevention. At Cloudies365, we offer you security experts.

  • SIEM integrations: To keep your major cybersecurity issues in line, we streamline intelligent security analytics and visibility to identify and keep it safe.
  • Managed Data Centres: We have properly managed our data centers which makes us your better option in the market.
  • Strong security system: With our efficient encryption technology, you can stay rest assured for servers and business.
  • Disaster maintenance support: In case of any disaster or file deletion, you can restore your data back without any hassle.

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