ProSeries Tax Cloud Hosting

ProSeries Cloud Hosting

Proseries Cloud Hosting: Anytime, Anywhere Access to ProSeries and Its Data

ProSeries is an easy to use professional tax filing software. It enables users to electronically file and track tax returns. ProSeries comes with tons of features that can help you in streamlining your workflow and boosting your productivity. In this blog, we will discuss about ProSeries Cloud Hosting.

Still, things can often turn wry when you need to prepare taxes and file tax returns for your clients or for an organization. By hosting ProSeries on cloud, you can file tax returns and track progress anytime, anywhere. Further, cloud hosting provides a secure platform where you can save all your and your client’s personally identifiable information (PII.)

Benefits of ProSeries Cloud Hosting

File and Track Tax Returns Anytime, Anywhere!


  • Track and File Returns Anytime, Anywhere
  • File tax returns from any device including desktop, laptop and smartphone
  • Store your client’s data on a secure platform
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • SSL and TLS certificates with SHA2 hash Algorithm
    • SSH Key Encryption
    • Firewall and other Security Software
  • Safeguard data against disasters with DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
    • Incremental as well as Complete Backups
    • Restore or access data from several restore points
  • Maximize ROI and Minimize Cost of Ownership
    • Decreases hardware and maintenance costs
    • Avoid the need of hiring IT specialists
    • No need to purchase additional security software
    • Minimize electricity costs

Benefits offered by Cloudies365

Round the Clock Assistance from Certified Experts

round the clock supportRound the clock support from cloud experts
plans that fit every budgetCustomizable plans that fit every budget
Complete and comprehensive Disaster Recovery PlanComplete and comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan
Share data over encrypted network with colleagues and CPAsShare data over encrypted network with colleagues and CPAs
Guaranteed Server Uptime of 99.99%Guaranteed Server Uptime of 99.99%
Integration with third party apps and servicesIntegration with third party apps and services


In the past, Cloud Hosting had a bad rep for security. Organizations believed that cloud servers can easily be hacked. Since then, the cloud community has developed many security solutions that ascertain the safety of your confidential data. SSL certificates with SHA2 hash algorithm ensure that only users with proper authentication can access the software and data. Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security. Firewall and other security software take care of viruses, malware and ransomware.

Further, we enable our clients to share data with other firms or their CPAs and law firms through an encrypted network that protects their data from any cyberattack.

Cost Efficiency

The biggest benefit of cloud computing is undoubtedly cost efficiency. Optimally used, cloud hosting can help you in substantially curtailing your costs. With cloud computing you can minimize electricity costs and avoid hardware and maintenance costs. Further, our scalable servers enable you to provision (secure) and deprovision (release) computing resources as per your bandwidth and storage requirement. You can do so easily at anytime of the day by reaching out to us through our toll free number.

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