Terms and Conditions

By using our website or filling any form, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.

  1. Undertaken work: Work that we undertake will be completed within the mentioned frame of time. Any additional work would require further payment. Only the task mentioned in the contract would be undertaken without the requirement of any further payment.
  2. Transactions: By agreeing to our terms and conditions and sending us a confirmation of payment, you authorise us to put a charge on your credit card. By providing us with your credit card details, you authorise the credit card provider to complete payment without the requirement of a signature. In case you provide us with your debit card details, you agree to let us deduct the said amount from the account the card links to. For reversing this, you may contact us and pay through some other means to avail the refund.
  3. Persons responsible: Supervisors are responsible for managing the work and increasing cost efficiency of the project.Other qualified individuals are placed at strategic posts to boost performance. Support staff provides solutions for optimizing the use of softwares as well as hosting.
  4. Our Responsibility: We undertake the assigned work and aim to finish the task before the due date. Our advice are based on both quantitative and qualitative data. Our support team uses their years of experience in advising you about our products and services and guiding you through issues and errors.
  5. SMS Alerts Authorization: By accessing this website, it gives rights to Accounts pro and its affiliates to send SMS alerts relating to updates, promotions etc.
  6. Your responsibility: You need to provide us with information on a regular basis. We need to know about the organisation before implementing our work efficiently. By ensuring that there is no deterrent to information sharing, the time taken to complete the project with be substantially reduced. You will also have to make payments on time. In case certain payments are due, we will be obligated to stop the work without providing you with any information about the same.
  7. Cost and Fee estimate: the cost of our services is not fixed and fluctuates from time to time. It is our responsibility to inform you about our updated cost. Once payment is made, we will not change cost for a particular task, though additional tasks will require further payment.
  8. Additional costs: Additional fee will be charged for additional work. Furthermore, the cost of tax will be passed to users/ clients.
  9. Accounts and Interim Fees: There will be a basic charge on every service that we provide to users. This basic fee is to be paid by user before the inception of the project. Once the project starts, we will inform you of the additional costs that might be involved in the completion of project. We cannot be sure of the total cost before the starting of a project. You will be informed of the costs involved at each step of the operations. This will ensure that you know what you pay for. In case that payment is not completed on time, the project will be paused. If the payment is not made within the due date, the entire project will be scrapped. The due date will be 30 days from the date we inform you of any additional fee. The invoice will contain the date and you must adhere to it. Restarting the project will involve additional charges.
  10. Clauses: By availing our services you agree to the following clauses regarding late payment:
    • Pay a late fee of 5% from the due date
    • Pay additional interest on debt of 20% per annum.
    • To provide us with costs and expenses which you have not paid for
    • Enable us to withhold supply
    • Enable us to sue you for the payment that you have not made.
  11. Default on payment or breach of terms and conditions: In such a case, we will be empowered to sue you for the said amount or the total loss we incur. Plus we can sue you for:
    • Payment failure till the due date
    • Breach of terms and conditions
    • Declare bankruptcy or give any of your property to a person who has recently declared bankruptcy
    • Using our content or any of our trademarks without our permission
    • Posting illicit content on our website or hacking our data.
  12. Credit: In case you default, you enable us to reach out to a credit rating agency and get your credit report for further evaluating our options. In case you do not make the payment, we can reach out to the credit rating agency and provide them with the information about your payment defaults. This will lead to a downfall in your credit rating. In addition to this, we will legally try to obtain as much of the payment as we can.
  13. Dispute: All the disputes will be heard in the court of law where our company is based. Any fault on our part, at a time when you have provided with funds as well as accurate information, will be rectified within 14 days from the day you bring the information about the fault to us. Make sure to inform us about the faults before 14 days from the completion of the project.
  14. Charge: As a collateral, you give us your land. In case you fail to make payments, we will be authorised to sell the land and recover the said amount through it.
  15. File deletion: After 7 years of a project completion, we delete all the files related to it. Storing and maintaining data costs a lot and this is why we have kept the break in period to be 7 years from the completion of the date.
  16. Termination of agreement: By violating our terms and conditions or terms and conditions of any contract with us, you enable us to sue you in court as well as terminate the agreement we have with you. We can also terminate contract in case of any illegal involvement found on your part. In case you do not pay funds on time, you give us the right to stop and even terminate work.
  17. Independent advice: You can also find advice from other sources before agreeing to terms and conditions of a contract. It is your responsibility to understand the agreement through a lawyer or paralegal. Once  you sign the agreement, we will be assured that you understand the matter presented in the contract and are agreeing to it willingly.
  18. Amendments in terms and conditions: Terms and conditions and our privacy policy can be amended by us at any point of time. It is upto you to visit our website and check out the amendments rolled out. Also, once the contract is signed, the terms and conditions you will be amended after receiving your authorisation. You can even ask for details of amendments through mail. Our contact us page will give you all the details you require for reaching out to us. You can also notify us through male about certain terms and conditions that you do not want to abide by. Only when both parties are in agreement on terms and conditions shall the contract be agreed upon.
  19. Adjustments: You agree:
    • That we get to adjust money we owe you against  the money you owe us
    • That you will provide us with payment on time and will not withhold any payment that hinders our workflow.
  20. Severed conditions and waivers: terms and conditions that have illegally been introduced into the agreement or hold either of the party illegal prior to the making of agreement, such conditions would be deemed to be severed altogether.  This will in turn affect all the conditions given in the contract. Wavering or rights or contract should be in given in written and signed and authorised by both the parties.
  21. Cybersecurity: It is upto you to completely secure your systems. We have employed state of the art softwares and encryption techniques to keep hackers at bay. In case your computer gets hacked or any data gets stolen, we will not be held responsible. Take appropriate measures to secure your data like we keep our data secured.
  22. Jurisdiction: In any disputes related to us, the law of State of Chicago will be upheld. We are a Chicago based company and adhere to all the rules and regulations the state imposes on us. Henceforth, all the court appointments will be taken at this state court. The decision made by this court can be challenged by only other courts who have the authority to overrule the decision made by this court.

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