How to Reactivate Sage 50 on the Sage 50 Company Data Server?

Reactivate Sage 50 on the Sage 50 Company Data Server

Locating the Sage activation key file’s location is a crucial task in the reactivation process. The following error message may appear while using the Sage 50 application:

“Sage 50’s activation key is invalid or not readable. To reactivate, please start Sage 50 on the Sage 50 company data server.

Sage 50 Company Data Server

Steps to Reactivate Sage 50 on Sage 50 Company Data Server:

  • First, turn on your program on the server.
  • “Run” the server’s “Sage.”
  • Permit the Sage to come into action.

Check to see if the error notice still shown.

Step 2: Utilize the Server’s Actian/Pervasive

Close Actian/Pervasive and restart it on the server. For this, take the actions listed below:

  • Shut off “Sage 50” on every computer.
  • Proceed to “Task Manager.”
  • Go to the Details section and type “w3dbsmgr.exe” into the search bar.

Note: The “Process” tab will be its name in “Windows 7”.

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  • Navigate to the “Process” menu and choose “End task.”
  • Go to the upper chamber’s Services area, search for “psqlWGE,” and classify by name.
  • To begin, double-click “psqlWGE” and choose “Start.”

Reboot your PC or server to host the data.

Your “Pervasive Database Engine” should “configured” to function as a system service.

Step 3: Confirm Authorizations

  • Double-click the folder that shared.
  • Select “Properties” to see the “Sharing” page.
  • Press the “Advanced sharing” button and check the “Shared folder” option.
  • Click “Permissions,” then choose “Add.”
  • Enter the “Windows usernames/groups” with access to “Sage 50.”
  • To confirm the usernames, choose “Check Names.”
  • Assign each newly created group and user—total command.
  • After selecting “OK,” you’ll get the “Advanced Sharing” page.
  • Go to the tab labelled “Security.”
  • Press “OK.”

Step 4: Set up antivirus software and a firewall

Turn on “Sage” and “Actian” via the firewall.

Additionally, keep the program in the antivirus check.

Step 5: Verifying the Data Path

  • Check that the workstation and server are using the right data route.
  • Locate the server’s “data path.”
  • Double-click and select “Properties” from the “Shared folder” menu.
  • Put the share’s name in writing.
  • Make your way to every “workstation.”
  • To ensure that the “exact shared folder” marked out, view the “mapped drive.”
  • To ensure that the data path on every workstation is pointing to the “exact mapped drive,” search for it.

Note: Users must agree to the terms stated and supply their information in the current ownership section in order to enable the QuickBooks registration shortcut.

Step 6: Handily uninstall/reinstall Action

(previously called Pervasive) if it damaged, several versions installed, or the incorrect version installed on the server.

Step 7: Data path missing files

  • Run the software in “Repair” mode.
  • After selecting “Start,” select “Control Panel.”
  • Press the “Add/Remove” Programs button.
  • Select the “Features and Programs” option.
  • From the list of applications, choose “Sage 50 Accounting,” then press the “Change” button.
  • Once you select “Repair,” the procedure will start.

Sage 50 Error Code Causes

Sage 50 error codes can arise for a number of causes, some of which listed below:

  • The server is unable to activate the software.
  • The Pervasive database engine’s incapacity to function as a service
  • Improperly configured permissions
  • And incorrect routes for the data
  • Pervasive database engine options that are damaged. That is concealed.
  • Files that are missing from the data path
  • Incorrect Serial Number

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How Can My Sage Activation Key Be Changed?
Ans. Observing these steps to modify the Sage 50 activation key:

  • Proceed in the direction of the “server” or “main computer.”
  • Start “Sage 50”
  • To access the Subscription Options, click Help > Sage 50 Activation > Licensing.
  • After selecting “Change your current version,” click “OK.”
  • After entering your “New Serial Number,” press the “OK” button.
  • Sage will independently close and open. Try manually closing “Sage 50” and opening it again if it doesn’t work.
  • After selecting “Help,” select “About Sage 50 Accounting.”
  • Verify that the “New Serial Number” appears.

Q. Where can I locate my Sage 50 serial number and activation key, or key code?
Ans. Additionally, users may get a free Sage 50 serial number and activation key. You will receive a confirmation email on your email ID with your serial number and activation key after purchasing Sage software. You may do Sage serial number lookup processes with the aid of this technique.

Q. Sage Data Service Manager: What is it?
Ans. The Sage Accounts Data Service runs on the computer or server where your data is stored and may be installed on any device that will access your Sage 50 Cloud Accounts data. By controlling read/write access to data, enhancing data security, and thwarting illegal access, it contributes to maximizing efficiency.

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