Our Data Centers

Take Complete Control of your Operations

Most of our data centers are located in United States. Hence, we are able to provide both affordability as well as performance. We provide both private and public cloud hosting services.


Security is a major concern for cloud hosting users. We have already addressed this concern by equipping our data centers with state of the art technologies such as:

  • SSL(Secure Socket Layers) and TLS(Transport Layer Security)
  • SSH Key Encryption
  • Antivirus, Antimalware and Antiransomware
  • Firewalls and User Account Control options

Through these technologies, we make sure that your confidential data and personally identifiable information do not fall into wrong hands.

Data Recovery

Every cloud hosting provider should have a complete and comprehensive disaster recovery system. Data loss can be fatal for organizations. This is why we take all the appropriate steps to backup data both incrementally and completely. Full backups are performed at the end of each day. On the other hand incremental backups are made every time user makes a change to the data.

Further, we create multiple copies of your data and store these copies on different servers. This keeps us prepared even for the worst case scenarios. Also, this automatically creates restore points from which users can restore their data.

Public as well as Private

We provide both public and private cloud hosting solutions. Public cloud servers are shared among multiple users. Hence, bandwidth and other computing resources are divided. On the other hand, with private cloud hosting, users get dedicated servers. Hence, you won’t have to share resources with any other user.

We are operational for 24 hours. This is done to ensure that users have access to round the clock assistance from certified cloud experts. Further, you can provision and deprovision computing resources anytime.

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