QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Data Conversion

Things to Consider Before Converting QuickBooks Desktop to Online

Before you start with the QuickBooks Conversion process, here are a few things you need to know:

  • For your team specifically, there will be some (limited) downtime during the QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online migration. Make sure to plan the relocation during a slack time to avoid causing too much disruption to your organization.
  • It is possible to transfer data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. However, not all features or reports included in all versions. Any specific custom reports you created in QuickBooks Desktop before the migration should exported.
  • Compared to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online has a different price structure. Under this proposal, there will no one-time software purchase—instead, there will a monthly membership cost.

What are the advantages of QuickBooks online?

1. Anytime, Anywhere Access

Think of all the times when it is not possible for you to work from your office or carry your laptop around. Such times will always give you a hassle of how you’re supposed to manage your work. Through QuickBooks hosting, you can work conveniently from anytime and anywhere. You can keep control over your data and files using any device or any internet service. Hosting QuickBooks will also enable you to connect with your employees and partners and create an efficient work space.

2. Allows Collaboration

You can encourage yourself into more collaborations. Pro version will allow real-time data sharing and create a friendly environment to work. This will help in creating more collaboration.

3. Enhanced Security Measures

Data and transactions are one such important factor of your business. No matter what, it needs to be kept safe. By using QuickBooks hosting you can ensure yourself a high level of security that can help you keep your data safe. Moreover, the host will provide advanced level solutions in times of theft, loss or unauthorized access. To keep it double safe, you can set different codes depending upon your staff and employees.

4. Automatic Updates and Maintenance

QuickBooks Pro Hosting providers take on that burden, ensuring your QuickBooks is always running on the latest version with all the necessary requirements done. Your software stays fresh and efficient without you lifting a finger.

5. Disaster Recovery Assurance

Disaster Recovery Assurance is one of the most important features. Your data is an important deal to you. For instance, if it gets lost there should always be a way to recover it back. You can easily recover your data back which will make your work hassle free.

6. Scalability for Growing Dreams

Growth is extremely important in a business. One must always find ways to upgrade their business. By hosting QuickBooks, you can easily scale up your resources according to your requirements. Depending upon the needs of your business, you can also integrate third party applications. This will help you streamline your work and enhance your business.

7. Cost-Efficiency and Reduced IT Overhead

When running a business there are a lot of other expenses that require you to invest money. This is why it is important to save money from your QuickBooks cloud hosting account. The subscription is a monthly payment based on how you use it and what your requirements are. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about upgrading or even buying different licenses. All of this is the job of the hosting provider.

How to convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is one of the most useful editions of QuickBooks. It is an accounting software that can be used by every small and medium sized business. Even with all the efficient QuickBooks versions that are available in the market, QuickBooks Online is the user favorite. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Not just this, you can even backup your data anytime. Let’s learn the process of how the conversion process happens.

Method 1: Verify Data

Your first step required you to verify the data. To initiate that follow the given steps:

  • Go to Files<<Utilities<<<Verify
  • If there’s any issue that occurs while verifying the data then you will be asked to Rebuild your data.
  • Once you Rebuild the data, verify and check if there is any issue.

Method 2: Save Company File in QuickBooks Online Format

To make a corporate file copy that works with QuickBooks online, open QuickBooks Desktop. To replicate the process, navigate to Files >>> Utilities >>> and then select the QuickBooks online option for Copy Company files. Save the file to your desktop at this time. Making a new QuickBooks file with the extension “OE.qbw” is helpful.

Method 3: How to convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

  • After completing the first two steps, you may quickly import QuickBooks Desktop Online using Internet Explorer.
  • Navigate to the “Company” option, then pick “more,” and finally, choose Import QuickBooks Desktop Data.
  • Now choose the “File” option that you wish to import, then wait for the procedure to finish.
  • An email with confirmation will be sent to you once the import procedure is complete.

QuickBooks Online is one hell of an accounting software. Its features make it the user’s preferable choice with no second thoughts. It is ideal for any size of business and caters to most of the industries. With all its efficient features, QuickBooks Online seems like the perfect choice.

How to start with the conversion process of QuickBooks Online?

  • Migration to Modern Software
    Step 1: You have to be sure about your product needs- It is very important for your QuickBooks Conversion expert to spend a good amount of time getting to know your company and current system. This will help them in understanding your company’s requirements. Your business’s centric growth and key values are extremely important in order to generate more profit. For this, you’ll need very specific QuickBooks Products like QuickBooks Enterprise, Payrolls, or Field Service Management.
  • Enhanced Business Growth
    Step 2: Arrange and Set the Template- Every business has its own set of requirements. It is important to check if QuickBooks fits your company properly and is able to gather all the data from your current accounting system. For this, you need to double click a part in both the new QuickBooks record and old system during this short period of time. Now you retrieve all your data including reports such as P&L, financial record etc. Not just this, you can include any other data that needs to be switched.
  • Increased Collaborations
    Step 3: Train the team for efficiency- The entire process of transitioning your data requires efficiency. So in order to ensure your data gets migrated in the best way possible, you need to ensure a training team. Training would be beneficial for smooth transitions of your software. Ensuring your team’s efficiency will bring in growth into your business.
  • Organized Financial Records
    Step 4: Review your QuickBooks- This is the most crucial step as with this you will go through your QuickBooks to locate any issue. Many times, it gets very difficult to understand the depth to which your data is important. If once the data is lost, it gets difficult to retrieve it back. This makes it essential for users to double check the imported data. If you still require to move more data, do it from your old system to QuickBooks.
  • Enhanced Business Growth
    Step 5: The Follow up Process- Now that everything is ready you may run your QuickBooks software for a month to see if there are any problems. With the instruction manual, you can get any information that was not able to be retrieved in the process. Moreover, you can enable ongoing monthly or quarterly closing services which will help you stay on the target.

What are the basic system requirements to follow up the process?

Operating SystemWindows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Processor500 MHz Intel Pentium II (Minimum Required)
Memory (RAM)512 MB (Minimum Required)
Microsoft .NET FrameworkVersion 2.0 (Minimum Required)
Sage MAS 90Version 2013 or Above
Hard Drive2.5 GB of Free Space (Highly Required)
QuickBooks DesktopPro, Premier or Enterprise 2016 or Higher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can you use both QuickBooks Desktop & QuickBooks Online?
Ans. No. It is not possible to use both QuickBooks Online and Desktop for the same company. Not to mention, these two applications are two distinct platforms that are not attuned with each other.

Q. Why Companies are Shifting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?
Ans. One of the primary reasons for this migration is affordability in QuickBooks Online, especially where there are more than one users. Not to mention, Accessing company files remotely, easy collaboration with team members and seamless-integration with third-party software also plays a key role.

Q. How much Time will it take to Move?
Ans. The size of your company file affects how long it takes to transfer your data to QuickBooks Online. Until the move is done, keep QuickBooks Desktop running.

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