Sage Failed to Switch Terminal Server to Install Mode

Sage Failed to Switch Terminal Server to Install Mode

When you try to install a Sage Software through Remote Desktop Connection, there are chances that you might face an error leaving an error message “Failed to switch terminal server to Install mode”. In order to fix the error, you first switch the mode, and then from the command line, select “change user install”.

Usually, this error appears when there is a new update. Consequently, attempt to manually launch Prompt Command and type “change install/user.” The “Install mode does not work to a Remote administration or configured Remote Desktop Session Host server,” nevertheless, occasionally occurs. Our accounting guidance professionals have years of expertise managing these kinds of issues with the least amount of effort and the most practical solutions.

When does the ‘Sage Error Failed to Switch Terminal Server to Install Mode’ Server?

When a user tries to install Sage software via Remote Desktop Connection, they typically see the error message “Sage Error Failed to Switch Terminal Server to Install Mode.” Whenever a new update is installed, this error message frequently appears. To fix the issue, you should switch the mode and then from the command line, choose “change user install”. The sections that follow will go into further detail on this.

What are the causes of Sage Failed to Switch the Terminal Server to Install Mode Error?

  • Windows Remote Desktop didn’t identify Autorun functions.
  • Unrecognized autorun function by Windows Terminal Services.

How can you fix Sage Failed to switch the terminal Server to Install Mode Error?

Here, we present multiple methods to resolve this issue:

Solution 1: Install from the given download link

  • Open my computer or computer.
  • Now browse to the Sage Software folder, and then double click Sage 50 software folder.
  • Double click on the peachw page.
  • Double click on the install page.
  • Right click on the setup.exe, and then choose Run as the administrator.

Solution2: Install by using the Install files in the temp folder

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  • Hold down the Windows+R keyboard shortcut
  • Type %temp% into the search bar, then click OK.
  • You can double-click the RarSFX or RarSFX0 folders.
  • Double-click the install folder, the peachw folder, and setup.exe.
  • Then, right-click on setup.exe and select Run as administrator.

Solution 3: Install by using the Install Files in the software path

Note: Only after completing the network install during the initial server installation can you access this folder.

  • Go to the software Path by browsing. Learn how to locate the data path and program path in the resources section by reading the instructions.
  • Open the PeactreeInstaller20XX folder in the Program Path.
  • Double-click the install folder.
  • Right-click the setup.exe file.
  • Select Run as administrator.

Solution 4: Download an updated copy of Sage 50 20XX

  • Using the link in the “Additional Information” section, download the Sage 50 software 20XX. Install files by default extract to C:\Sage\Sage50_20XX_X.
  • Navigate to C:\ Sage50_20XX_X/Sage\install/peachw\ or to the extracted location.
  • When you right-click the setup.exe, choose “Run as administrator.”

Solution 5: Discover the _setup.exe in the Temporary Directory

  • Make sure you have tried to launch the “SETUP.EXE” file at least once, as this is the reason why all of the files open in a temporary directory.
  • Press the Start key on your keyboard, then select Run to launch the program.
  • Just type in %temp% as soon as the run application launches.
  • To access the temporary directory folders, press Enter.
  • Launch the _setup.exe file as an administrator after opening the Peachw folder.


We hope all the solutions we provided to you above will help you in solving the “Sage 50 Failed to Switch Terminal Server to Install Mode” issue on your system. If you are still finding it tough to resolve the issue, please take help from a professional.

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