Secure Cross organization Data Sharing

Securely Share large amount of data with other organizations

The mobility of data is a necessity. We witness the movement of the huge amount of data among various organizations. There can be an IT firm sharing their financials with a law firm, which may, in turn, share that data with a financial firm. The advent of SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service,) has removed the hindrance to data mobility.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting leverages the power of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS to offer mobility of data at lower considerably lower costs. Still, there are many who are worried about the security of their company data when it’s being shared on cloud servers. So let’s take data security during data transfer into account, and try to figure out the level of security provided on cloud servers.

How is the data shared?

  • Data Sharing Between multiple QuickBooks users: This can be done by creating a new user or sharing file with an old one.
  • Business Class File SHaring: Huge amount of data can be shared among organizations. For this additional security measures are taken.

Data Sharing between multiple users

QuickBooks is a multi user platform. With Cloud hosting, it enables multiple users to concurrently work on the data. The inbuilt security features can be used for protecting data from any security breach. There are multiple security features in QuickBooks. Some of these have been mentioned below:

  • User Restrictions: Set up restrictions on the permissions granted to a certain user. This can be done through an administrator account. You can also disable tools and functionalities for other users.
  • Password: In addition to set a password on every user account, users should also change the password every 90 days. QuickBooks automatically prompts the user to change the password. You can either overlook these prompts or take measures that will make the QuickBooks environment more secure.

Business Class File Sharing

It is common for organizations to share data through servers. Cloud hosting does a great job at securing the network through which the file is shared. We must also protect data on the servers from malware. To do so, we employ many states of the art software on our servers. This software ensures that malware is detected and deleted before any harm comes to the company file. In addition to this, we encrypt all the data on the company file. Company file can only be accessed through the password held by a user.

Data is encrypted with SSH key that adheres to the SSL level of encryption. Also, taking into account end to end encryption, we can ensure that data is completely safe from any breach.

How is data security ensured due to all of this?

  • Constant Backups
  • SSL level security
  • Used restriction setting on the cloud
  • Restoration points for the company file
  • End to End Data Encryption.

With this, data security is ensured on shared files and folders.

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