What is a Citrix Receiver?

What is Citrix Receiver

Virtual servers have become a mainstream thing in the business sector. Owning virtual servers can make a lot of difference to your work. This is where the Citrix receiver comes in. A Citrix Receiver, which is now renamed as Citrix workspace, is a client application device. It comes with all the previous versions of Citrix and helps in delivering all the virtual desktops and applications to the user. With the help of HDX protocol, the receiver manages the connected device.

As you can see from its design, its main purpose is to provide access to virtualized desktop from any location given. By integrating the multimedia computing technology or multi purpose device the Citrix Receiver enables a centralized workspace. This can include your various devices like desktops, smartphones etc.

How does a Citrix Receiver operate?

Citrix Receiver is a software that allows you to access virtual desktops and applications from any device. It works by using the HDX protocol, which is based on the ICA protocol. The ICA protocol sends keyboard and mouse input to the remote server and receives screenshot updates on the client device. The HDX protocol enhances this process by providing a high-definition experience of Windows applications to users working on different devices.

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The Citrix receiver has now become a component of the Citrix workspace. Its main job is to enable IT to centrally manage and update desktops. With Citrix server, you can facilitate secure remote access to servers. This will help you in keeping your data safe regardless of any hardware or standard UI network. With its OS identification, it guides the user to download the right client software.

What is Citrix Receiver used for?

With all the advanced features it has, Citrix Receiver is a powerful tool. It enables organizations to provide secure access to virtualized IT resources. Moreover, the location of your device is not a key requirement. Even though we are aware that this is an extremely advanced tool, it still has its issues:

Centralized Management

Citrix receiver is known to create a centralized platform which will help you in managing and updating your virtual desktops. Instead of focusing on reduction of hardware and software, it helps in a formalized structure of the server.

It is a known fact that management is a difficult thing to hold on to. Maintaining an IT team for your server can be time and cost consuming. Instead of this, going for a Citrix receiver will help you in making space for other essential tasks. This entire process is operated from a single server which makes it even more efficient to work. Let’s say an application in your system needs an update, so in this case, you can update the server straight.

Multi User Efficiency

When working your employees always seek for a smooth workspace. If they start their work from one end point, they want to finish it to the other point without facing any issues. Your device flexibility gets quite efficient with a cross platform system. By using the Citrix receiver, your device not restricted to single devices.

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If your data is saved in the Citrix receiver, it doesn’t matter where you are or which device you have, you can access your and work from anywhere. Therefore, it brings some sort of flexibility and efficiency to your work.

A strong and secure network

As per its production, citrix receiver is supposed to be an industry specific system. It is said to be well suited for specific industries such as law, finance, healthcare etc. Considering all these industries deal with extremely confidential data, it is important for them to consider the Citrix receiver.

The receiver develops a multi layered security system to ensure that all the documents and files are safe. Even while setting up the security system, there is a chance of a theft or breaching happening so you need to be very careful. It also keeps your sensitive data protected and prevents unauthorized access.

What are the challenges faced with Citrix Receiver?

As we keep in mind that the Citrix Receiver known for its different products who all offer separate features. Often it gets confusing which version will suit and fulfill your requirements.

With the help of a consistent broadband connection, it runs at its full speed. With constant errors or network issues, you might face latency issues later. It is advisable to leverage all the Citrix features. It works best with all of its add on features. Citrix has to be one of the best support for all the businesses.

Citrix Receiver vs Citrix Workspace: Which is the better version?

Both Citrix Receiver and Citrix Workspace are similar, however they still have some key differences:

Citrix Workspace considered to the latest version which has replaced the citrix receiver. Continuing the features of Citrix receiver, it also adds on to the features presented by citrix workshop.

If you need a consistent user experience across different devices with an operating system that supports a wider range of use cases, including mobile and cloud deployments.

A major key difference is the compatibility of the two versions. The Citrix workspace app made in a way that it can work with latest versions of Citrix platforms, however, Citrix Receiver is compatible with older versions.

Feature Citrix Workspace app Citrix Receiver 
Unified experience Yes No 
Simplified workflows Yes No 
Intelligent search Yes No 
Unified endpoint management Yes No 
Latest platform support Yes No 
Mobile and cloud support Yes Limited 
Compatibility with older Citrix platforms No Yes 


In conclusion, Citrix Receiver is a useful program that facilitates the access and use of cloud-based applications and desktops. It is a part of Citrix Workspace, a comprehensive solution that delivers virtual apps and desktops to users across different devices and locations. Citrix Receiver widely used by enterprises and individuals who want to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. Moreover, it provides you a safe network and creates a seamless network in which you can manage your work.

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