How QuickBooks on Cloud Works

How QuickBooks on Cloud Works

QuickBooks Desktop is a famous accounting software that enables us to manage the financial operations with ease. ease. However, businesses in today’s world have become a lot more advanced than they already were. They require much more for its growth which can be a hassle. To solve this issue, the cloud based version of QuickBooks was introduced. With the help of a cloud version of QuickBooks, you can fulfill all of these mentioned requirements.

When QuickBooks Desktop deployed on cloud servers as opposed to being installed and used on individual local computers, the term “cloud-based QuickBooks” is used.

Understanding cloud-based QuickBooks desktops and how they function is crucial given that 94% of accountants now utilize them in their business operations.

What Does Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud Means?

Hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server can be a tricky thing to do. It actually implies hosting the application on a server of a cloud hosting provider which allows authorized users to access it from their preferred device just with a stable internet connection.

In simple terms it means installing QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud Provider’s server. It provides a user the access to applications using their own preferable devices and accessing them anytime and anywhere.

QuickBook Hosting gives you the experience of QuickBooks software stored on a secure server remotely, while you also access it from your own computer over the internet. It will be your trustworthy partner that will keep your accounting information safe and is always ready for you in every circumstance.

Furthermore, with QuickBooks cloud accounting you get to experience the same desktop feel and features of the QuickBooks Desktop Version. With the hosted accounting software you can add a little more flexibility and efficiency to your server. In comparison to the traditional based accounting software, QuickBooks cloud hosting has an innovative progress that makes your work efficient.

How Does QuickBooks on Cloud Work?

Before moving on to the QuickBooks in cloud Hosting it is important for you to understand how it works and what is to be done to manage it. So let’s learn every key element before we start working on it:

  • Choose QuickBooks Hosting Provider: It is extremely important to choose a reliable hosting provider which is known to provide efficient services. Make sure the software is based on security, reliability, flexibility and customer reviews.
  • QuickBooks Version: As per your requirements, it is your responsibility to choose a version of QuickBooks that fits you well. A server based on your business will only promote its growth and productivity.
  • Licensing & Certifications: It is very important for you to own a secure and legal license to host QuickBooks. Without any legal license, it will come under possession of illegal hosting.
  • Cost Requirement: Make sure to invest your time in researching and learning about the cost that will be required in the installation of QuickBooks in the cloud. You’re required to pay a minimal fee as per your requirements and the users involved.
  • Data Preparation: Your user login should always be right next to you since it comes in handy in times of logging in.
  • Migration & Configuring Data: It is advised to migrate your data as it enables you to operate in a seamless and efficient environment.

Steps to Work on QuickBooks Hosted on Cloud

As you already have QuickBooks installed on your dedicated server, With the help of Remote Desktop Connection on your system you can access the hosted application.

Here’s how you would access QuickBooks on the cloud:

To access the QuickBooks cloud environment, your cloud hosting provider will give you the Remote Desktop connection application (commonly known as RDP). QuickBooks hosted in the cloud is one example of a remote server program that can be accessed with RDP.

  • Open the ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ application on your PC once it has been installed.
Remote Desktop Connection
  • Your username is already prefilled in a dialog box; enter your login information and click “OK” to be taken to the cloud server.
QuickBooks 2023
  • Double-click on the “QuickBooks” icon on the desktop screen after the cloud workspace has opened.
QuickBooks icon
  • ‘Open or restore an existing company file’ should be clicked.
existing company file

This is how QuickBooks hosted on the cloud allows you to work on the accounting files available for your company.

What are the Benefits Of Working on QuickBooks in the Cloud?

Cloud Based QuickBooks host providers offer a lot of powerful offers that make your work in accounting software easy and seamless. It helps in maintaining a specialized data center and provides you with a high end user experience. With these servers, you get to experience high performance hardware, redundancy, backup systems to ensure data integrity and efficiency.

QuickBooks in itself offers a lot of benefits which you can enhance with cloud:

  • Accessibility: The feature where you can access your QuickBooks anytime from anywhere, making it easier to operate your work in today’s time. Remote teams will only make your QuickBooks more efficient in the long run.
  • Scalability: As per your business’s requirement, you can scale up or down without worrying about any hardware or software issue.
  • Security: QuickBooks already provide us with the efficiency of a secure network. With a cloud based the security can be enhanced and provide peace to accountants and clients.
  • Automatic Backups: With QuickBooks on cloud, you will always be provided with automatic backups which will make your work easier. In times of any disaster or malfunction, this will be of great help.
  • Cost Savings: QuickBooks hosting offers great help in saving the cost that is usually involved. It is more effective rather than maintaining an in-house server.
  • Collaboration: With cloud hosted QuickBooks you can have multiple users on board. This will also allow you to collaborate with real life clients in a more efficient way.

Is QuickBooks on Cloud the same as QuickBooks Online?

No, QuickBooks and QuickBooks online are not the same thing. QuickBooks hosted on cloud refers to the practice of hosting the QuickBooks on software which are provided by remote servers. With QuickBooks hosted on cloud you get to experience all the features and functionalities of a desktop software. However it does provide you with essential accounting capabilities.

On the contrary, developed by Intuit it is a cloud based accounting software. It is designed as a web design software which helps you in managing your finances in a more effective manner. However with all its advancement it still has features that are provided by the traditional QuickBooks version. This is why it is an ideal choice to work upon.

What are the Factors that need to be considered before choosing a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Here are some of the important things you should consider before choosing a QuickBooks Hosting Provider:

  • Intuit Authorization: When users search for QuickBooks hosting providers, they look for genuine and reliable sources. Hence, it is important to look for QuickBooks authorization.
  • Reliability: As a QuickBooks host researcher, it is your duty to check if the providing company is creating an environment that makes the user believe that choosing hosting with them will be a good decision.You should be able to trust them.
  • Security: Security always remains a top tier factor. Your data and information is a sensitive subject that should not be compromised anyhow. Choose a hosting provider that can keep your data safe and encrypted. It should provide efficient safety measures.
  • Technical Support: Choose a provider that can assist you in times of technical issues. As a business owner you cannot focus on everything. So your providing company should have a team that can help you in getting out of the situation.
  • Compatibility: Choosing a host provider that fits your situation and understands your requirements is a big must. Also ensure that the QuickBooks provider is using your favored version of QuickBooks.
  • Integration: Always research if the cloud hosting provider is offering you with the benefit of integration. It is essential that you can have your QuickBooks integrated with other softwares. It adds a little more benefit.
  • Scalability: Considering the growth of your business, you should be able to scale up or down accordingly. Make sure your cloud host provider is giving you that benefit.
  • Cost: Managing a business is already a difficult task so make sure that your hosting provider is offering you a valuable price. There should not be any additional fee charged plus the agreement should be clear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs- QuickBooks)

  1. What do you mean by QuickBooks on a cloud?
    QuickBooks on cloud hosting is a combination of QuickBooks and Cloud which offers you two way benefits. It is a service that enables you to access your QuickBooks at any time through any part of the world. It only requires strong internet connectivity.
  2. In what way does QuickBook work on the cloud?
    Considering you will be using a remote server, you can use QuickBooks on a cloud host. It will help you to access your software via a secure internet connection. Managing your finances and collaborating will be simpler.
  3. What are the benefits of using QuickBooks hosting for business?
    QuickBooks hosting offers many benefits altogether. All you have to do is check if they align with your business requirements or not. It allows you a scalable environment that enables you to work from anywhere with a secure network of systems.
  4. Will my data be safe on the cloud?
    Yes, if you manage to choose a reputable and licensed provider, they will ensure that your data is secured. They will initiate robust security measures like encryption of your data or firewalls or checking of unauthorized access or data loss.
  5. Is hosted QuickBooks favorable for Small sized businesses?
    Yes, QuickBooks hosted on a cloud is definitely favorable for a small scale business. QuickBooks is in fact tailored to cater all sizes of businesses. With the efficiency of cloud hosting it allows you to cater to small scale businesses effectively.

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