Which Common Workflow Error can Cause Duplicate Expenses in QuickBooks Online?

Which Common Workflow Error can Cause Duplicate Expenses in QuickBooks Online?

Ever since the introduction of QuickBooks Online, the work of accounting firms has now become easier. It has brought us to a more manageable and effective work system that no one can deny. However, even so advanced in all of its features, it can still face certain errors that need to resolved in time.

One common problem that most every client faces on a regular basis is how to fix duplicated Expenses in QuickBooks Online. A lot of different reasons can cause the error and it is important that it gets detected timely. Because of the error in Duplicate Expenses in QuickBooks Online, it can cause a lot of problems for your QuickBooks. For such common errors there is one simple solution. Let’s start with learning more about the errors:

Why do you think Transactions get duplicated in QuickBooks Online?

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online (QBO) does not have a feature that warns you if a transaction duplicated. One of the most common reasons for transactions duplicated in QBO is that they entered twice by people. This can happen when one person accidentally enters a transaction and then enters it again later. It can also happen when two different people enter the same transaction.

We have come across other strange and unusual ways that people have duplicate transactions in QBO, but accidental duplication is the most common.

When is it safe to avoid transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

Be careful not to void transactions that have reconciled or that your accountant or bookkeeper has reconciled. You may want to check with them if that’s the case.

Why can’t you just delete a duplicate transaction in QBO?

We don’t recommend using the “Delete” option to remove duplicate transactions. This is our personal preference.

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When you void a transaction, you can still see it in QBO. It will just show zero as the transaction amount. You can still click on it and view the audit history for that transaction, including the original amount of the transaction. This way, if you accidentally void an entry, you can always figure out what the original amount was by viewing the audit history.

How to find and fix duplicated expenses in QuickBooks Online?

Let’s say that we’re reviewing a profit & loss report for the month and as we move forward in the process we find out that rent expense is too high.

fix duplicated expenses in QuickBooks Online

Now we’re going to click on the amount to drill down to view the details. It is important for you to know all the details behind the transaction that has happened.

For example, down below in the image we can see that I accidentally entered the rent payment twice.

entered the rent payment twice

It is always easy to fix the duplicated expenses in QuickBooks Online.

All you have to do is just click on the duplicated entry to view that transaction.

Now void the entire duplicate transaction, and empty that slot out. Simply click More from the bottom and click Void and then click Yes and Click OK.

duplicate transaction

Another way you might be able to find a duplicate transaction if from the vendor Center.

vendor Center

As here you can see, the same transactions as we saw earlier. Now just double click to select the transaction that you want to void and click More from the bottom and click Void and then click yes and then OK.

How do you know which transaction to void?

“Suppose you find that you have entered a transaction twice. How do you determine which one to void? Does it matter? Yes, it does. You should not delete the transaction that has matched to an online banking transaction. Instead, you should void the transaction that has not matched.

In this example, which one would you void?

In Figure 5, we can see that the transaction has matched to the online banking transaction. Therefore, we should void the transaction that has not matched.”

online banking transaction

In Figure 6, we can see that the transaction has not matched to an online banking transaction.

matched to an online banking transaction

The correct answer is Figure 6. You would void it because it has not matched with a banking transaction.


You have now learned the process for rectifying duplicate expenses in QuickBooks Online. You are now aware of how to correct one of the most prevalent errors made by inexperienced users of QuickBooks Online. In future blog posts, I will continue to share with you how to resolve common errors in QBO.

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