How to Choose the Best Sage 100 Cloud Hosting Provider

Sage 100 Cloud Hosting Provider

It’s critical to select the best Sage 100 cloud hosting company for your company, regardless of whether you’ve been thinking about switching to cloud-based Sage software or are fed up with your present cloud hosting provider’s persistent problems. Since every cloud environment is unique, it’s critical for your company to know what each Sage 100 cloud hosting provider has to offer as well as whether or not they have the experience necessary to meet your needs. We go over important features that cloud hosting providers for Sage 100 should give below, along with the reasons why having the right level of experience is important.

  • Support and Security- An essential component of your Sage environment’s security is its cloud architecture. Selecting a security-focused hosting company guarantees that your system is designed to shield your company from threats, outages, and performance problems. To make sure your cloud systems are running correctly around the clock, you need to have ongoing support and monitoring. Your company’s cloud environment is safe if you choose a Sage 100 cloud hosting provider with security expertise.
  • Extremely Flexible- When choosing a cloud hosting provider make sure that you’re cloud is not dimensional. You need to see that you are provided with all the options available in the market. With the three types of cloud hosting options Private, Public and Hybrid, you should be able to see which version of cloud hosting aligns with your business requirements. Being able to keep your data in multiple cloud servers will bring flexibility to your business. This will bring in efficiency and growth. With different cloud options, you can choose your own geographical location, have extreme control over your data, enhanced billing options, and cost friendliness.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery- In-built services like cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery offer additional data security for servers, files, and applications that are set up, managed, watched over, and supported. Unfavourable incidents have the potential to stop company operations and put your company in danger of losing important data. Not only can cloud disaster recovery guarantee that no data is lost, but it can also assure that your company will promptly resume operations. Verify that your hosting company maintains many data center sites and distributes the storage of your data over multiple geographical areas to provide resilience.
  • Scalable Cloud Environment– The cloud shouldn’t be the thing stopping your company from expanding. Your Sage 100 cloud infrastructure ought to be flexible enough to change and develop with your company. If and when necessary, your cloud provider ought to enable you to extend your cloud footprint outside of Sage. This could include files, CRMs, integration software, and other solutions you wish to integrate into your cloud system. You should be able to quickly and simply add users, apps, and storage as needed with your Sage 100 cloud hosting service.


You want to work with a partner who has knowledge in cloud hosting, Sage products, and security whether switching to Sage in the cloud or selecting a cloud hosting company. To maximize the benefits of your cloud environment, all are crucial.

cloudies365 is a leader in Sage 100 cloud hosting with more than 5,000 customers in the cloud, qualified Sage consultants and developers on staff, and managed cloud support available around the clock. As a Sage Partner with more than 30 years of experience, we have received numerous favourable reviews for our cloud hosting, which you can read here. As a knowledgeable Sage 100 Cloud hosting company, we give a variety of cloud choices from which your company may select the one that works best for it.

In addition to our security expertise, Cloudies365 is a Certified RPO, allowing us to create a secure cloud environment in conformity with legal requirements. We are a service capable of managing your complete IT stack in addition to hosting your cloud. With the help of cloudies365, you may expand your cloud environment to accommodate additional corporate files, apps, services, and configurations, meeting all of your cloud’s operational requirements. We are a single source for security, Sage, and the cloud, enabling seamless connectivity for your company.

The sheer size of the cloud industry makes it challenging to select the best Sage 100 cloud hosting company for your company. Finding a supplier who fulfils these requirements and guarantees that your company will be their top priority while possessing the appropriate degree of experience your company requires is crucial.

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