QuickBooks Pro vs Pro Plus

QuickBooks Pro vs Pro Plus

Intuit offers small companies accounting software called QuickBooks. Because QuickBooks provides affordable price options and is simple to use, it is quite popular among small and medium-sized businesses.

QuickBooks has a clear interface that makes tax and profitability computations simple. Financial data may tracked and organized, and a large amount of manual data entry can eliminated. Bookkeeping, invoicing, time tracking, budgeting, bank reconciliation, sales tax administration, and inventory management are among the tasks that it facilitates automating.

With QuickBooks, you can provide several utilities for accepting payments, payroll processing, time tracking and even inventory management. Even though QuickBooks began as a desktop application, it later joined with the cloud bandwagon, so the recent versions of QuickBooks are entirely cloud based.

In this article, we’ll discuss the two most commonly used versions, QuickBooks Pro vs Pro Plus.

What do you mean by QuickBooks Versions?

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop are the two main QuickBooks versions that are currently available. QuickBooks Desktop will soon completely discontinued by Intuit, who will instead switch to a cloud-agnostic strategy. There are many clear benefits to a cloud-agnostic strategy, such as subscription-based pricing structures and data that is accessible from any location.

Only a few nations offer QuickBooks Desktop for sale, so depending on where you live, you might be able to purchase one.

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There are four plans for QuickBooks Cloud: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. The cost of each plan varies depending on how many users it supports and what extra services it offers. These days, QuickBooks Cloud is only accessible through a subscription-based approach.

Up until a year ago, QuickBooks Desktop offered for a one-time license price. The user granted three years of use with this one-time license cost, following which the product will retired by the corporation. For instance, if you are now using QuickBooks Desktop 2019, you have access to it through 2022. QuickBooks 2021 offered in three editions: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

Let’s start with the comparison between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Pro Plus.

QuickBooks Pro vs QuickBooks Pro Plus

One Time Purchase or Subscription

Accessing the server can be a big issue for users. One of the most critical differences between both the versions is that Pro is available for a one-time license free. With Pro Plus you can only purchase it with a subscription. Now this means you can only access pro plus when you buy a subscription plus you’ll have to renew that subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. So if you are a QuickBooks pro user and don’t want any major differences between your version, you can stick to the pro version instead of shifting to the pro plus version.

Purchase Validity

When you buy the pro version, it allows you to access that version for a maximum of three years. With the pro plus version, you can rent it on a monthly or a yearly subscription and use it until the subscription terminated.

Additional features

Analyzing if the version you’re using is providing any benefits for you or your company is important. Both the versions provide us with most of the same features like invoices, tracking sales and expenses, managing account payables, one-click sales, etc. However, except these basic features the pro plus version provides you with several additional features like expense and payroll tracking, sales tax tracking, payroll services, etc. Pro plus also comes along with backup data facilities.

QuickBooks Mobile Access

You will be able to access the Pro Plus version with the QuickBooks mobile application access. With the mobile application, it will be easy to access your server from anywhere at any time. It will allow you to automate bill entries through the import feature. With the mobile application, you can also attach documents directly into the server.


With the pro plus version, you get yearly product upgrades and security options. The pro version locked with the version you bought and an upgrade can only done by moving pro to pro plus version. With pro plus you’ll be able to access a lot of new features.

QuickBooks Support

In case you end up in any problem, with the pro plus version you can solve your problems anywhere with the QuickBooks mobile version. With the pro version, you will have to seek the answers to your problem through a community support that accessed through forms.


With all the information gathered above, it is quite evident that QuickBooks Pro plus is a better choice. With all the additional features it offers, it can bring efficiency to your business and promote its growth.

In case you engaged within a small or medium sized business, QuickBooks Pro will work fine for you however it cannot support a big enterprise. If your business does not care about the recent great features then you as a user should go with the QuickBooks Pro version.

However if you still want to shift to QuickBooks Pro plus and you’re still using the QuickBooks Pro version, you can wait for the three years of purchase to finish so that you can buy the pro plus subscription.

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