QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop: Which is Better

QuickBooks Online Vs Desktop

In the world of leading accounting software, both QuickBooks online and QuickBooks Desktop are user’s first choice. If we compare it, QuickBooks Online vs Desktop have their own benefits and cost functions which make them effective in their own way.

Considering the fact that both the versions are so prominent in the market, it is important for you to understand the difference between them. Both the versions are vital options in terms of Operations and financial management. However, it’s not like the choice is a straight path.

As a user, you need to study the difference between them and choose accordingly. With the help of this article, we will explain the key differences between both the versions and help you decide which is better for you.

What are the main Similarities between QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop?

While QuickBooks Desktop is installed locally and requires one-time purchases, QuickBooks Online is cloud-based and requires monthly subscriptions. While QuickBooks Desktop permits comprehensive customization and industry-specific editions, QuickBooks Online provides multi-user access and automated upgrades.

Look at the main Similarities:

Features QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Desktop 
AccessibilityEasily accessible with stable internet connection, cloud based model. Locally installed on the computer. 
Pricing Model monthly fee for subscriptionsone-time transaction with potential for yearly upgrades
Managed Updates continuously updatedmanual updates and upgrades are necessary
User AccessMultiple people may access at once. subject to the license
Storage ProvidedThe data is usually stored on the cloud. The data is usually stored on the local computer. 
ScalabilitySeamless to small and medium sized businessSeamless to large sized enterprises. 
Industry Specific Tools offers variants tailored to certain industries (such as retail and charitable)provides variants for various industries, such as manufacturing and contractors.
Integrationintegrations with third-party apps on a large scalea few integrations with outside apps
Remote Accessaccessible via a web browser or a mobile applicationaccess requires remote desktop software 
Automatic Backups Backups included in the subscriptionOnline assistance, discussion boards, and chat
Support Options Support via online chats and community forumSupport via phone and email. 
Customization few possibilities for customizationhighly adaptable and loaded with modern features

Now let us discuss these differences in detail.


Accessibility-wise, QuickBooks Online excels. Because it is a cloud-based service, you may access your data from any location at any time using any internet-connected device. The automatic scheduling and transmission of transactions, the ability to attach papers, images, signatures, and other items to transactions, and the ability to track earnings and expenses are some of its notable features.

However, QuickBooks Desktop is renowned for its powerful and complete features. When it comes to sophisticated work costing, batch invoicing, and industry-specific capabilities, it performs better than the Online edition. In terms of capability, QuickBooks Desktop frequently outperforms QuickBooks Online, according to research reports from Gartner and Forrester.

Price Evaluating & Billing

QuickBooks Online is a subscription-based business model with numerous price tiers that each offer varying levels of capabilities. Some customers prefer the monthly payments because of their flexibility.

For consumers who don’t require frequent upgrades, QuickBooks Desktop’s one-time upfront pricing makes it more affordable in the long run. A yearly subscription that includes updates and upgrades is also an option.


Thanks to its SaaS format, QuickBooks Online allows seamless connection with a wide range of third-party applications. Integrations are supported by QuickBooks Desktop as well, although setting them up and keeping them up may take more technical know-how.

Security System

Due to automatic data backups, encryption, and frequent security assessments, QuickBooks Online excels in security. On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop is dependent on users to adopt security measures and regularly backup their data.


Even accounting newbies will find it simple to utilize QuickBooks Online’s user-friendly, intuitive design. In contrast, QuickBooks Desktop may have a steeper learning curve because of its classic UI despite delivering more advanced functions.

QuickBooks Online: The Cloud Based Server

The affable superhero who can do it all while still appearing cool is QuickBooks Online. Due to its cloud-based architecture, it provides the ease of anytime, anywhere access, making it ideal for accountants who prefer to work in their jammies or have a propensity for doing their number crunching at the halftime of their child’s soccer match.

Benefits of QuickBooks Online:

  • Mobility: You can manage your finances on the fly using QuickBooks Online. You can always stay connected, whether you’re in a traffic jam or on a beautiful beach.
  • Automated Updates: You don’t have to worry about manually updating your software because QuickBooks Online handles all of the upgrades.
  • Multiple user access: Your entire team may instantly access the same data using QuickBooks Online, fostering effective teamwork.

Drawbacks of QuickBooks Online:

  • Internet: A cloud based version will always require a constant internet connection. If you don’t have a good internet connection, you will have a major issue.
  • Subscription: A cloud based version will require a monthly subscription. If there will be no subscription, there might be no business.

How is QuickBooks Desktop different from Online?

The benefits of QuickBooks Desktop are further increased if software is hosted on the cloud. This makes your server effective with the accessibility of QuickBooks Online. It provides your business with a flexible and powerful solution.

A cloud hosted QuickBooks provides you with the best of the versions of effective workload. It allows you a full feature of the Desktop version from anywhere and anytime.

QuickBooks Online vs Desktop Similarities & Differences

Similarities between QuickBooks Online and Desktop

FeaturesQuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Desktop
Accounting FeaturesAccounting basics like billing, keeping track of expenses, resolving bank accounts, and reportingThere are basic accounting features like invoicing, spending tracking, bank reconciliation, and more.
Financial Reporting capable of robust financial reportingFeatures for comprehensive financial reporting
Data SecurityUser access controls, safe data backup, and encryptionUser access controls, safe data backup, and encryption
Multi Currency Support the capacity to work with multiple currenciesthe capacity to work with multiple currencies
Integration Including a variety of third-party applications in the integrationIncluding multiple third-party applications in the integration

Differences between QuickBooks Online and Desktop

Features QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Desktop 
Accessibilityaccessible from any device with an internet connection and cloud-basedlocally installed on a computer
Pricing StructureA Monthly subscription is requiredLocally Installed on a computer. 
Version UpdatesUpdated AutomaticallyManual updates and installation required. 
User AccessMulti User accessLimited number of users only allowed. 
Data StorageData stored in the cloudData stored on the local computer
Seamless AbilitySmall to medium sized businesses Large enterprises. 
Specific Industry ToolsOffers specific industry toolsDoes not offer specific industry tool
Customization Limited customization offeredEasily customizable with large options.
Remote AccessAvailable through both web browser or mobile appAlways requires remote desktop software 
Automatic Backups Backups included with subscriptions. Backups done manually
Support Options Online support, community forums, and chatPhone and email support, knowledge base

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