How to Create an RDP Connector for Windows

RDP Connector for Windows

Subject Descriptors: Remote Connection (Inbuilt feature of Windows Operating System)

Introduction: Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) known as a protocol developed by Microsoft. It provides a user with a graphical interface to another computer.

Platform (Version): Remote Desktop – Windows, XP,Vista,7 (All Windows and Mac Platform as-well)
Task Description: How to Create a Remote Desktop Connector to connect Remote Server.
Port Number: 3389

Benefits: You may work remotely from any distant machine by using a distant Desktop. You can view the screen in real time when you connect to a remote desktop, and all of your keystrokes and mouse movements sent to the distant PC in real time, making it appear to precisely like your own computer.

As such, you may access each PC without having to go there in person. Every daily work that involves configuration, assistance, troubleshooting, administration, and education may done at a distance.

What are the steps to create RDP?

  • At the Start option select run:
RDP Steps
  • Enter Command: mstsc in run and Click OK
  • Enter the details as shown below:

General Tab:

  1. Computer: (Server name or the IP Address of server)
  2. User name: test (User name on Server)
Remote Desktop Connection
  • Enter the details as shown in the given image:

In Display Tab :

  1. Remote Desktop Size : Full Screen
  2. Colors : High Color (16 bit)
Remote Desktop Connection Display Tab
  • Enter the details exactly as shown in the image:

In Local Resources Tab :

Local devices and resources: check Printers, Clipboard.

Local Resources Tab

b. Select Drives by clicking on More, then click OK

Select Drives

Click the General tab.

a. Select “Save As.”

  • Save the RDP with the user name on the desktop.
  • Double-click the RDP icon on the Desktop.
  • After entering the password, you can access the computer that remotely connected.

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