Sage 50 Desktop vs Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 Desktop vs Sage 50 Cloud

It can be difficult to transition from desktop to cloud-based accounting. Instead of merely following the newest fad, businesses want to be sure they’re choosing the proper choice. What distinguishes Sage 50 Desktop from Sage 50 Cloud, then? With the help of this blog, we’ll clear Sage 50 Desktop vs Sage 50 Cloud & all your confusions.

We will specifically analyze and contrast the two Sage 50 versions according to five criteria: software updates, data security, collaboration, scalability, and accessibility. You’ll be in a better position to choose the Sage 50 version that works best for your company if you are aware of the distinctions between the two.

Sage 50 Desktop vs Sage 50 Cloud: Which is better?

Sage50 is available in two primary versions: Sage 50 Desktop and Sage 50 Cloud. Sage 50 Cloud is a more recent cloud-based alternative to the classic on-premises software version, Sage 50 Desktop. While the fundamental accounting features are the same in both versions, there are some significant distinctions between them.

Here are some characteristics that set the two accounting software versions apart:

Scalability and Efficiency

The fact that Sage 50 Cloud is considerably easier to grow than Sage 50 Desktop is one of the main distinctions between the two products. Installing additional licenses and setting up additional servers is necessary for businesses using Sage 50 Desktop that wish to add more users. They can add more users as needed with Sage 50 Cloud; no additional software needs to be installed. They just have to let the Sage cloud hosting provider know what they need, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Easy Accessibility

The ability for users to access Sage 50 Cloud remotely is another important distinction between the desktop and cloud versions. Businesses wishing to access Sage 50 Desktop remotely must first set up VPNs or other remote access solutions. To get rid of this inconvenience, they can use Sage 50 Cloud on the devices of their choice.

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With the right Sage 50 hosting package and a dependable internet connection, customers can access the program on their preferred devices from any location at any time.

Team Collaboration

Sage 50 Cloud is a hosted solution, which means that, unlike Sage 50 desktop software, which is saved locally on computers, the program and data are stored off-site on distant servers. This offers a number of benefits for working as a team. First off, users can access data from any location with an internet connection because it is stored off-site. Because they can now access the same information from anywhere in the world, team members can collaborate on projects much more easily.

Data Security

When it comes to security, Sage 50 cloud outperforms Sage 50 desktop. Cloud hosting providers’ remote servers hold extremely safe data. In order to restrict access to specific information to specific team members, users can also set up user permissions. This aids in safeguarding private information and preventing unwanted access.

Reputable cloud hosting companies to excellent data security measures, like:

  • 256-bit data encryption
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPs)
  • Multi-level firewall
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Antivirus and Antimalware

Software Updates

Users of Sage 50 cloud always have access to the newest features and security updates thanks to automated updates. Users of Sage 50 desktop must manually install updates, which can cause delays in productivity and be time-consuming.

Some Unique Advantages of Sage 50 Cloud:

Software Installation

Users must install Sage 50 Desktop on a local computer in order to utilize it, which means they must maintain their server infrastructure. More control over the data is provided, but it can be expensive and time-consuming.

In contrast, Sage 50 is hosted in the cloud by a Sage hosting company. With Sage 50 Cloud, organizations may do away with the need to hire internal IT staff or build up physical space because their Sage 50 hosting provider offers round-the-clock IT assistance.

Remote Invoicing

Sage 50 Cloud, as opposed to Sage 50 Desktop, allows companies to use remote invoicing. Sage 50 cloud allows businesses with remote sales staff to create invoices while they’re on the go. They can also enable their clients to pay promptly with PayPal, Credit, or Debit cards by adding a Sage Pay Now link to the invoices. This is a crucial step in ensuring continuous cash flow.

Data Backup

Users can benefit from automated data backup using Sage 50 hosting in a number of ways.

Sage 50 eliminates the risk of enterprises losing important data by storing all corporate data on the cloud. Sage 50 cloud backups data automatically on a regular basis, ensuring that companies always have a recent copy on hand in case they need to restore any lost information.

The integrated disaster recovery features of hosted Sage 50 guarantee data security even in the event that the Sage 50 servers are compromised.

To put it briefly, Sage 50’s cloud-based data storage and backup solution gives companies the assurance that their vital data is always secure and available.

To put it briefly, Sage 50’s cloud-based data storage and backup solution gives companies the assurance that their vital data is always secure and available.

Sage 50 Desktop and Sage 50 Cloud: Features

Sage 50 Desktop vs Sage 50 Cloud Subscription ComparisonSage 50 Desktop LicenseSage 50 Cloud Subscription
Bill payment, Check Writing, purchasesPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Invoices, Sales quotes, paymentsPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Cash flow managementPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Convenient bank reconciliationPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Customizable reportsPremium (125+), Pro (80+), Quantum (140+)Premium (125+), Pro (80+), Quantum (140+)
Credit card processingPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Free conversion from Quicken and QuickBooksPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Forms, Reports, Email alerts, and financial statementsPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Integration with Microsoft Word and ExcelPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Internal Accounting ReviewPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Inventory: Four Costing methods, Assemblies, back ordersPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Use Controls and securityPremium, Pro(Basic) & Quantum (Advanced)Premium, Pro(Basic) & Quantum (Advanced)
Payroll SolutionsPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Order process workflowPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Order process workflowPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Integrated bank feedsPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
ReportingPremium, Pro, QuantumPremium, Pro, Quantum
Expenses and Profit, Track project incomePremium, Pro (Job level) & Quantum (Job, Phase & Cost level)Premium, Pro (Job level) & Quantum (Job, Phase & Cost level)
Serialized inventory managementQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Audit trailQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Open Multiple CompaniesQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Advanced budgetingQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Archive company dataQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Change order processingQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Company consolidation wizardQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Departmental accountingQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Serialized inventoryQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
DashboardsQuantum, PremiumQuantum, Premium
Developed to handle large data requirementsQuantumQuantum
Faster processing with Smart Posting technologyQuantumQuantum
Interactive job reportingQuantumQuantum
Personalized My DashboardQuantumQuantum
Workflow automationQuantumQuantum
Support from 1-10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 licensed, named usersQuantumQuantum
Industry-specific functionality: construction, manufacturing, distribution, and nonprofitQuantumQuantum
Annual Subscription Plan Premium, Pro, Quantum
Sage 50 Security Shield for Sage 50 Cloud Premium, Pro, Quantum
Automatic Bank Reconciliation Premium, Pro, Quantum
One-Click Payment Premium, Pro, Quantum
Increased Data Security Premium, Pro, Quantum
Dashboards Premium, Pro, Quantum
Following features below require a MS-Office 365 Business Premium License Must have MS-Office 365 Business Premium for features below!
1 TB of microsoft Office 365 Data Premium, Pro, Quantum
Sage Contact Premium, Pro, Quantum


Which Sage 50 version is hence appropriate for businesses? Depending on what each person requires. Sage 50 Cloud is the greatest choice if flexibility and user-friendliness are your priorities. Sage 50 Desktop can work better for you if you want more control over your data. In the end, it’s critical to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each choice before choosing.

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