Why Should You Host Sage 100 ERP on the Cloud?

Sage 100 erp on the cloud

Ideally, every organization wants to be able to reduce project costs while increasing productivity. Improving your internal procedures is necessary to reach this goal. In this blog, we will discuss why should you host Sage 100 ERP on the Cloud?

You have more authority and control over your apps when you host software in the cloud, like Sage 100 ERP. You can deploy the program more freely with Sage 100 ERP hosting, which improves return on investment. By doing away with the need for conventional on-premise deployments, you can guarantee that your staff members have remote access to the system. Additionally, cloud hosted Sage 100 ERP provides you with the necessary agility to guarantee corporate success and a great chance to improve team cooperation.

Remotely Accessible

Software can accessed remotely instantly with Sage 100 ERP hosting. Workers in your company don’t need to manually interact with workstations to share, access, and update files. You may access the Sage 100 Remote Hosting software from anywhere in the house or on the go with a compatible internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This eliminates the need for you to limited to fixed on-premise devices.


You won’t have to spend money on purchasing and maintaining any hardware when you use Sage 100 ERP hosting services. Only need to have access to the internet and smart devices, such as tablets, smartphones, iPads, or computers, because the software housed on the cloud. You have the ability to significantly lower your company’s capital expenditures. Furthermore, by hosting the Sage 100 ERP on the cloud, you can avoid investing in hardware, utilities, an internal server, or an internal IT crew, freeing up funds that can used to achieve other crucial business goals.

Disaster Recovery

For every firm, having a strong and complete disaster recovery plan is essential. SMBs may find it difficult to ensure the same, though, as they may not have the necessary funding and degree of experience.

SMBs can have a reliable disaster recovery plan and guarantee that mission-critical data is always available with Sage 100 ERP hosting. That being said, even in the event of a natural disaster like a flood, fire, or earthquake, enterprises can promptly restore the data and maintain business continuity.

Efficient Collaboration

Having access to the Sage 100 ERP software from anywhere at any time facilitates effective teamwork among your staff. The ability for people to view, access, edit, and share files simultaneously shows how much the workflow has improved.

A hosted Sage 100 ERP system fosters virtual work between your clients and the team members and improves team cooperation. Furthermore, since many people are collaborating on the same file at once and can view changes made to the file in real time, you can get real-time updates more easily.

After that, you have better access to large-sized files, which is unusual on slow servers where handling big music or video files can be difficult. Such files become easy to access with Sage 100 ERP hosting.

Aside from the special capabilities of hosted Sage 100 ERP, assigning work to various users of the ERP program done easily. You may make sure that only the authorized users are able to use the software and carry out their assigned tasks in this way.

Secure Data Assurance

To ensure business growth, security is always at the top of the list of essentials for any firm. You can benefit from advanced security features, such as complete data protection against ransomware and cyberattacks, when you use a hosted Sage ERP 100. Furthermore, compared to conventional techniques, features like regular backups, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and firewalls guarantee increased security for your company. Finally, since email is no longer required for file transfers, collaboration becomes easier and operations like file transfers become more secure.

Easy to Control

One of the most important things to guarantee company growth is to keep your company safe and to have strict control over any data or documents. If a critical file or document falls into the wrong hands, things can go very wrong.

You can choose who can see or update files with Sage 100 ERP hosted in the cloud. Additionally, you can do away with the need to produce several versions of the same work thanks to real-time collaboration on the cloud. With substantial control over a single file, you may work on it in real time and make modifications that are accessible to all authorized users.


You can maximize the return on your ERP investment and stay up to date with cutting-edge technological capabilities with cloud-based Sage 100 ERP hosting. These are the top six reasons to think about cloud-hosted Sage 100 ERP, but there are a ton more that will propel your company to new heights.

You may invest more where it needed because of the substantial capital and operating expense savings that come from having access to on-demand resources. Moreover, you may increase workflow efficiency in a Sage 100 Remote Hosting environment, which guarantees that your company processes run smoothly. That being stated, it is now imperative for firms to move from their on-premise Sage 100 ERP solution to the cloud in order to fundamentally alter the way their businesses are operated.

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