QuickBooks Online Vs Hosting

QuickBooks Online Vs Hosting

With all the advanced versions and features that QuickBooks have provided in the current market, it has maintained a whole new reputation as a brand. There are different versions that made to cater their services in different situations. One of the famous QuickBooks versions that is available is QuickBooks Online, a cloud accounting software. It developed by Intuit to help businesses in managing their finances properly. QuickBooks online a newly emerged cloud based accounting software which provides you with an efficient business anytime at anywhere. It particularly well known for service based businesses that do not require a complex invoice or inventory tracking option.

Another choice is QuickBooks Hosting, a desktop edition of the QuickBooks software hosted in the cloud. It is a cloud-based accounting system that enables companies to use QuickBooks Desktop on remote servers that can be accessed online. It entails hosting the QuickBooks desktop version on the servers of a third-party supplier and allowing remote access from any location at any time.

The decision between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosting ultimately comes down to the particular requirements of your company.

Hosted QuickBooks vs QuickBooks Online: What Key Factors are to be compared?

Before choosing which server to opt, it is your duty to do a research and understand the work system


With QuickBooks Hosting you get to experience the same level of accessibility as QuickBooks online. However, there are slight differences in how they provide accessibility to each organization. QuickBooks hosting is known to provide remote access to desktop versions of QuickBooks. Rather than a web based interface, the user can work with the familiar interface of the desktop.

With QuickBooks online, you can get access from anywhere at any time. Its remote features make it quite efficient. Just with a flexible internet connection, you can have a flexible business.

User Experience

Both QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks desktop offer the same kind of experience. QuickBooks hosting and Desktop both provide a smooth network of working with seamless continuation of work with providing access anytime, anywhere.

QuickBooks Hosting not only provides you with efficient features but also lets you handle all the work in an offline mode by offering a remote working system. With a stable network connection, the users can work without any restrictions in the environment.

Even though QuickBooks online offers a remote setup of work organization which promotes efficient collaborations, however, for people who work in an offline desktop setup, they require time to set into the online mode. The online setup has a completely different interface so this is where it is slightly different than the Desktop version.


You can have increased customization possibilities in addition to all the capabilities of the desktop version with QuickBooks Hosting. For example, you can use the integrated report customization capabilities in the desktop edition to build fully customized reports.

In addition to software customization, hosting gives you the option to add other business applications to your cloud server that are essential for operations. To develop an entire ecosystem in the cloud, all add-ons and applications can be housed in the same cloud. By using this, one can work more productively and efficiently without having to move between desktop and cloud views.

Among the many functions offered by QuickBooks Online are invoicing, cost tracking, and financial reporting. Small enterprises and entrepreneurs can utilize it because of its user-friendly design and simple setup. Utilizing adaptable reports and dynamic dashboards that offer a thorough picture, you may get a quick understanding of how your firm is performing.

Ownership Cost

A lot of factors all together decide the pricing of QuickBooks. It usually said that QuickBooks from the cloud costs a lot, however if we see this in the long run, it is a cost effective measure. Most of the hosting providers generally offer affordable plans in which you only pay for the features that you use.

Alongside, the support and maintenance is part of the pricing plan and eliminates businesses which are in need for additional IT services. Proper hardware, efficient management, all of these factors promote a cost friendly ownership.

If you have a small or a medium sized business, QuickBooks can be an affordable option. With basic accounting needs it is easily affordable. The price only goes up when additional features applied.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Both systems provide easy integration with external applications based on business requirements.

QuickBooks Hosting makes it possible to integrate with other company tools like CRM and ERP software, providing companies with a centralized location to manage their money, track transactions, and create reports.

Along with hundreds of paid connectivity choices, such as DocuSign, Bill.com, HubSpot, and Salesforce, QuickBooks Online also provides a large number of free add-on alternatives.

Maintenance & Upgrades

It is the provider’s job to oversee all the upgrades present in QuickBooks Hosting. They need to ensure that your server updated and maintained.

It is Intuit’s job to take care of all the upgrades in QuickBooks Online. They need to ensure all the upgrades are done beforehand.


With the biggest advantage of remote service, QuickBooks hosting offers an efficient level of performance. The high proficient servers make sure that your business runs smoothly. Moreover, it offers a dedicated server for remote users.

QuickBooks online mostly works on the dedication of internet connectivity. It will only supported with an internet connection. Moreover, it is a shared cloud system, this means that resources are shared among the users.


QuickBooks Hosting known to provide an efficient scalability in levels of ability which adds and reduces users as well as promotes to a commendable working system and helps resolve complex accounting needs.

QuickBooks online offers scalability only up to a certain level within the extent of available plans. This means in terms of scalability, QuickBooks online might have certain limitations. So if we compare, QuickBooks Hosting has better scalability options than QuickBooks online.

Customer Support

Considering the fact that QuickBooks hosting managed by third party hosting providers, they offer different levels of coverage time and support options. This can vary up to their services.

With QuickBooks online, you get continuous customer support.

FeaturesQuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Hosting 
Accessibility You can access it through the web browser with a stable network. You can access it through cloud servers with a stable network. 
Advanced Functionality Many efficient features provided like: invoicing, expense, tracking, reporting etc. Offers the same features as QuickBooks Online only with an advanced quality. 
User Interface and Customization Features and user experience differs from QuickBooks Desktop. It offers the same features and user experience as QuickBooks desktop, and offers some of the host features. 
Versions Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, POS, and Enterprise 
Pricing Structure Model based on Subscription only. Cost Friendly, along with flexible pricing options. 
Additional Application Hosting You cannot host additional applications within the platform. Supports any applications. Moreover, it allows hosts to host different versions of QuickBooks. 
Third-party Integrations Through its app store, it offers third party integrations. There are no limits to third party integrations. 
Software Installation Does not require any software installation. Once it is done on cloud, it requires no installation on local devices. 
Manage And Pay Bills Basic Plan not available. Yes
Multi User Access Yes Yes 
Backup And Disaster Recovery Yes Yes 
Better Lead and Inventory CenterNo Yes 
Invoices in Batches No Yes 
Payroll Function Available with Add-On. Available with Add-On. 
Inventory Management Available only in Plus plans. Yes 
All QuickBooks Desktop Features No Yes 
Shipping Manager No Yes 
Processing Speed Slower as compared to QuickBooks Hosting.Faster, however, mostly depends on your server. 

QuickBooks Online vs Hosting: Which should you choose?

If we see this analysis, both the versions, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosting have their own set benefits. Before choosing your server you need to check before all the advantages and disadvantages to check if it fits with your requirements.

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