Sage 50 Hosted on Cloud vs. Sage 50c

Sage 50 Hosted on Cloud

It’s difficult to manage sensitive accounting or financial data.

You presumably utilize cutting-edge technology-based accounting software like Sage 50 if you are an accountant or manage an accounting firm. It is one of the most widely used pieces of software among accountants and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Making informed financial decisions made easier with Sage 50 since it gives you a clear understanding of the procedures involved in firm financial management.

Sage 50 accounting software has cutting-edge features including customer record management, payroll, stock valuation, automatic ledger maintenance, and many others.

Now let’s talk about some of its technical details:

With the aid of a cloud solution provider, you can install or host this program on your personal computer or have it hosted in the cloud. It is the process by which a person can begin utilizing the desktop edition of Sage 50 software.

But when Sage introduced Sage 50c, a hybrid desktop solution with cloud backup, in 2017, things began to shift. For data to backed up on the Sage cloud, the Sage Drive must enabled. If not, it functions as desktop software.

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Sage 50c combines all of Sage 50’s sophisticated capabilities with its cloud and mobile services. By giving its users secure access to business-related data, it gives them better control over that data.

However, is this truly what Sage 50’s cloud users are hoping for?

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Not at all. It is possible that someone using cloud hosting Sage 50 services won’t notice the differences when you describe the distinctions between Sage 50 hosted on a cloud and Sage 50c.

There are numerous individuals worldwide who are searching for the correct response to this query:

“Sage 50c or Sage 50 hosted in the cloud: which should I choose?”

You will discover more regarding the distinctions between the two in this site, enabling you to make an informed choice. Continue reading!

How is Sage 50 Hosted on Cloud different from Sage 50C?

Installation on a Local Host

Sage 50 is an in-office solution, therefore you have to install it locally on a computer before you can use it. Disruptive occurrences such as hardware malfunctions, unauthorized file access, system crashes, etc. can always result in data loss.

To reduce this risk and maintain the cloud-based storage of the data files, Sage 50c launched. But in terms of how Sage 50c functions, expectations are significantly greater than actual results.

Sage 50c must hosted on a single local machine before use. The Sage Drive only stores data files, which is different from how application hosting functions.

The program and data files are first installed when using cloud hosting for Sage 50. Because of this, even accounting software always remains secure in the cloud. You won’t have to be concerned about the possibility of losing the software if you choose Sage 50 hosting.

All-Time User Accessibility

The desktop edition of Sage 50’s local-only access is a common barrier for accountants and small businesses. For instance, accountants must be inside their office buildings and use the local computers in order to use the application and access the accounting data. There are instances when urgent chores must completed right away utilizing Sage software. However, if you are not in your office, you simply cannot work on them.

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Cloud hosting sage 50 is essential in handling such circumstances. The desktop version of Sage 50 can be accessible at any time, from any location, when it hosted on the cloud.

About Sage 50c

It also known that a set number of authorized users can always access this new version of Sage 50, but with an unanticipated restriction that is-

The data stored in the cloud can only accessed by one person at a time, locking out all other users and preventing them from working on the data concurrently. It basically means that real-time collaboration is feasible, albeit imperfectly, between team members using Sage 50c to work on the same data file. To work on Sage’s cloud, the team must communicate offline.

Fortunately, this restriction can overcome by using cloud hosting options for Sage 50. With this alternative approach, all permitted users can concurrently work on the same file and cooperate to get.

Cloud Storage Activation

It is yet another feature that sets Sage 50c apart from the desktop version of Sage 50’s cloud-hosted equivalent. You must pick a trustworthy cloud service provider who will set everything up for you when you wish to host your Sage 50 accounting software.

You can begin receiving the additional advantages of cloud technology supporting the software once the necessary cloud infrastructure has created for your company’s unique needs. The situation with Sage 50c is a little different. Here is the process that Sage 50c goes through to operate as a whole:

  • The designated administrator must turn on “Sage Drive” in this software once you have chosen to do so.
  • The accounting data on Sage 50c synced and backed up on Sage’s cloud after a successful activation.

But what happens if a user either forgets or is unable to activate “Sage Drive”?

Sage 50c will function very similarly to its desktop equivalent. Here is where the differences between these two Sage 50 cloud-based software options become more apparent.

In the end, it leaves the user unsure about which option to select.

Local Data Storage and Management

The apparent utility of Sage 50c can also considered in terms of local data storage.

As was already said, not every Sage 50c authorized user may utilize the cloud at once. Others are utilizing the full capabilities of Sage 50c on their local computers while one person logged into the account. They therefore require a sufficient local storage capacity to hold data files even when they not linked to the Sage Cloud. Until these users sync the data to the cloud one by one, the risk of losing these data files will still exist, albeit for a shorter time.

Consider it now from the vantage point of there being no cloud in between-

It is impossible to ignore the chore of managing the locally saved accounting data files. It needs to properly controlled and maintained.

Sage 50c does not entirely eliminate the requirement for local data management, in a sense. However, Sage 50’s desktop version’s cloud hosting does a very good job.

You can be sure that everything will remain secure on the cloud once the Sage program and the data files have transferred there. The data stored on the cloud in real-time as the users operate the Sage 50 software that hosted there.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure of Sage 50c sets it apart from Sage 50 cloud hosting in another way.

The following variables will affect how much Sage 50c will cost you to start using it:

  • Core users, whose number can reach a maximum of 20 users
  • How many businesses will included
  • Duration of the payment schedule: monthly or yearly

The most affordable Sage 50c pricing plan, without taxes, often starts at roughly $75 per month. It implies that when the chosen term has ended, the user must continue paying for it.

When you pay for the desktop edition of Sage 50’s cloud hosting, things are different. You must pay for an appropriate cloud hosting plan that meets your demands in addition to the license to use Sage 50 on your local desktop workstation.

With so many cloud hosting companies to select from, their hosting pricing plans could also vary.


Sage 50c, the updated and more sophisticated version of Sage 50’s desktop software, developed to address some of the problems that its users were experiencing. However, a number of factors indicate that it does not provide all of the features of cloud computing.

Although using Sage 50c differs from hosting the desktop version of Sage 50 in the cloud, the final decision is ultimately up to you and depends on your particular business needs.

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