What is a Virtual Desktop Environment or VDE?

Virtual Desktop Environment

Do you know that you can access your desktop from anytime anywhere just with a device and an internet connection? As we have advanced ourselves into modern technologies, it is definitely possible to access your desktop remotely through Virtual Desktop Environment VDE.

Because of this development, it has slowly become a prominent function in offices around the globe.

You can always operate your Virtual Desktop Environment, however, availing a third-party service would add more benefits. It will be much simpler, flexible and cost-friendly for you.

How Does VDE Work?

VDE which stands for Virtual Desktop Environment usually relies on two main factors

  1. Hypervisor
  2. Connection Broker

The software and hardware of a system are usually used together and cannot be used separately. The hypervisor usually takes care of the virtualization, where computing resources are divided into different layers to create multiple virtual instances. To set up the virtual desktop, these resources are later used. Once these virtual desktops are completed, they are connected together using a connection broker, verify the income user authentication, and direct it to the virtual desktop.

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What are the benefits of Virtual Desktop Environment or VDE?

  • Remote Access allowed: With the help of a stable internet connection, and valid user authorization, you can remotely access your virtual desktop environment from anywhere, at any time using any device. For example, you simply wish to hire some remote workers, in such cases, VDE empowers you to overcome the traditional limits and expand your desktop via the internet.
  • Efficient IT maintenance: Even though Virtual Desktop Environment offers you a straight and direct way to handle your conventional desktops, you still require a strong and efficient IT team for its maintenance. For this, a third party VDE solution will be a reputed service provider. They offer comprehensive IT management services as they manage the entire responsibility of a VDE setup.
  • Rapid Scalability: To achieve that rapid scalability and effectiveness, you can trust a third party VDE. Intimate your service provider instead of bringing in components for individual devices. This will help you with upgrades in a matter of a few hours.
  • Cost-friendly: When you opt for the Virtual Desktop Environment, it offers you the basic benefit of cost effectiveness. With VDE, your data and computing resources hosted on a cloud. This simply means you do not need to purchase hardware. Also, being remotely accessible, you can give your employees the benefit of work from home which is going to benefit both the parties. This will save your major chunk of expense.
  • Device Portability: In case of malfunctions, you cannot access your data until restored or backup. However, with Virtual Desktop Environment you can have a device independent work system. Instead of the main, you can just use another device to access your virtual desktop if one device malfunctions.
  • Strong Security: With every log in into VDE, you leave a mark which can traced later. There is also multi user authentication and to reaffirm user login. It provides you with the benefit of additional security features which just adds a plus point to it.

Virtual desktop environments are becoming increasingly popular in various industries, including BPOs, healthcare, and accounting. Here are some use cases for virtual desktop environments in these industries:

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Where can VDE be used? Use cases of VDE

  • BPOs: Virtual desktops can help BPOs meet evolving client and consumer demands, lower overhead costs, and create a competitive advantage. They can provide better access to talent by allowing outsourcers to confidently staff agents from anywhere without sacrificing data security or application access. Virtual desktops also allow for better and easier access to talent and a greater ability to offer 24/7 support. They can also help BPOs scale more sensibly by quickly spinning up virtual environments when needed using pre-configured Golden Images for each client or use case. When the spike is over, the desktops can spun back down, and only the seats needed will paid for. Virtual desktops can also simplify hardware management by allowing remote agents to use their personal computers because the hardware doesn’t matter – a predetermined operating system within the virtual desktop environment ensures they can run the necessary applications regardless of what type of computer they have.
  • Healthcare: Virtual desktops can help healthcare providers improve patient care by providing secure access to patient records and other critical applications from any device, anywhere. They can also help healthcare providers reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive hardware upgrades and maintenance. Virtual desktops can also provide anonymous access to files that healthcare employees need without security fears.
  • Accounting: Virtual desktops can help accounting firms improve productivity by providing secure access to accounting software and other critical applications from any device, anywhere. They can also help accounting firms reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive hardware upgrades and maintenance. Virtual desktops can also provide a more flexible work environment by allowing employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection.


Virtual Desktop Environment or VDE is going to be an efficient approach for you and your business. It will save you time and resources which is only going to make your work easier and efficient.

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