What Is Hosted Virtual Desktop? How Does Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) Work?

What Is Hosted Virtual Desktop

For example, you need a way to access your desktop and its applications anytime and from anywhere, even by using a different device. This is when you might feel like owning a hosted virtual desktop. HVD is another cloud computing system which gives you an experience of working on a virtual server. By connecting to the HVD, you can run a web browser or talk to a client when you wish to, how you wish to, from where you wish to. It allows you to access your accounts and information from any device, be it a laptop or your smartphone. In this article, we will cover all the basic information of hosted virtual desktops. Read till the end to get all the relevant information.

What Does HVD Meaning?

HVD mainly means hosted virtual desktop. It generally means that it provides desktop as a service or cloud service. Hosted virtual desktop provides you with the freedom of having your account when and where you want it. Whether it is a PC or a smartphone, it will allow you full access to operate on your files and data.

The server has many VMs, also called Virtual machines. Each server is supposed to operate its own VM. This private connection allows you to have secure work. It also maintains the storage and network of the VMs.

How does Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) work?

As per all the other desktops, HVD has its own way of working. You are mainly supposed to have three components.

  1. A stable internet connection: This is the very basic necessity for any virtual desktop. In order to connect to your account from any corner of the world, a stable internet connection is needed.
  2. A client system: The device which gives access to your HVD. It can be any device such as a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone.
  3. A cloud service provider: By this we mean, a company that provides all the HVD service and handles the server connection.

To use your HVD, you simply need to log in to the account with your web browser. As per your requirements, the server suggests you a VM. As a local desktop, you can access your VM and use it as per your convenience. Now, you can download applications, open files, browse as per your wish. It uses a graphical user interface which helps you connect with your client. In this entire process, your data is encrypted which means it is a secure connection. No information of yours will be leaked through any way.

As and when you get free with your HVD session, you can either log in or directly disconnect from the account. If you wish to continue again, you can resume again by logging in.

What are the benefits of HVD?

Both traditional and HVD’s have their own benefits. However, HVD offers many advantages over the traditional approach. The benefits listed below;

  • Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages would be how it allows flexible access. You can access the desktop from anywhere at any time using any device. There is no limitation to the compatibility of your device.
  • Security: When using HVD, there is no risk in losing data or no fear of damaging your device or getting it stolen or hacked. Considering your data and applications always stored in a cloud server and not the local device, this enables your device a safe and secure network. The cloud server also allows you to backup and restore data in any case of disaster. It gives us many safety applications like firewalls, antivirus, encryption etc. This keeps any unauthorized access away from your device.
  • Cost-friendly: When it comes to your computer, you don’t need to spend that much money on the hardware or software license. According to your needs, you must choose from the plans that are given. This way you can use that money further for maintenance of the server. HVD is one of the cost-friendly servers one can afford.
  • Productivity: HVD allows a manageable workload. You can work in a better and more efficient way. It makes our work efficient and applications faster. It also allows you to use files and documents with other users and teams in the same cloud storage. You can also obtain a easy collaboration tool which comes under cloud service provider.

How to begin with Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD)?

  • Choose a cloud service provider: As of now, there are many cloud service providers providing HVDs. Some of the most popular ones are VMware, Desktops4, Amazon workspace, etc. Depending upon the different features, cost, support, and reviews, one should make a decision about it.
  • Create an account: As now you’ve decided which cloud version you have to use, all you need to do is create an account. It will ask you to provide certain basic information such as name, email and how do you wish to pay. There might be a possibility to verify your identity details and agree to the T&C.
  • Provise your VMs: Since now you have an account, start with improvising your VMs. You can provise them as per your preferences and needs. It will require you to choose an operating system, CPU, storage and other settings required for your VM. Moreover, you can have your own licenses for the server.
  • Access the VMs: Now that your VMs are ready, all you need to do is log into your account so that you can access the VM you want. If you wish you can interact with your VM as per your wish on a local desktop.


When you wish to have a complete desktop environment but in a virtual machine, HVD as a cloud computing can be your solution. It allows you to access your desktop and apps from anywhere and everywhere at any point of time. This enables users to have many benefits like a secure network, cost-friendly, and a seamless network of work. To adopt the HVD software, all you need to do is create your account and have access to your VMs. This is all the information on a hosted virtual desktop.


Q. What is HVD?

Ans. A complete thick-client user environment that can be accessed remotely via a virtual machine (VM) on a server is called a hosted virtual desktop (HVD).

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