Benefit of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for Non Profit and Charities

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for Non Profits

In a business managing your finances, tracking income and expenses, keeping reports is an important task. It may require a lot of effort if done manually. With the help of QuickBooks, you can make your work easy. QuickBooks offer a lot of benefits especially if you are a non-profit organization. In this article, we will talk about QuickBooks cloud hosting for Non profits and charities in detail. We will mention all the pros and cons and analyze if it is a good tool for your business.

What is QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is a system which lets you manage your data in a smart and efficient way. Moving your QuickBooks to the cloud ecosystem enables you and your team to access all of the accounting software tools and capabilities while also benefiting from the flexibility, dependability, and security of the cloud – all for a reasonable monthly fee.

The software allows you a multi user access. This makes hosting a safe space for your work. It also lets you have control over your data from anywhere around the world.

What are the benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for non profits and charities?

Non-Profit organizations and charities work on a daily basis for the welfare of the society. However just like a profitable organization they need to set and manage their records as well. This is why it is important to learn about how and why QuickBooks are beneficial for nonprofits and charities.

  • Cost savings: When running a business there are a lot of other expenses that require you to invest money. This is why it is important to save money from your QuickBooks cloud hosting account. The subscription is a monthly payment based on how you use it and what your requirements are. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about upgrading or even buying different licenses. All of this is the job of the hosting provider.
  • Security: Data and transactions are one such important factor of your business. No matter what, it needs to be kept safe. By using QuickBooks hosting you can ensure yourself a high level of security that can help you keep your data safe. Moreover, the host will provide advanced level solutions in times of theft, loss or unauthorized access. To keep it double safe, you can set different codes depending upon your staff and employees.
  • Mobility: Think of all the times when it is not possible for you to work from your office or carry your laptop around. Such times will always give you a hassle of how you’re supposed to manage your work. Through QuickBooks hosting, you can work conveniently from anytime and anywhere. You can keep control over your data and files using any device or any internet service. Hosting QuickBooks will also enable you to connect with your employees and partners and create an efficient work space.
  • Scalability: Growth is extremely important in a business. One must always find ways to upgrade their business. By hosting QuickBooks, you can easily scale up your resources according to your requirements. Depending upon the needs of your business, you can also integrate third party applications. This will help you streamline your work and enhance your business.

How to choose a QuickBooks hosting provider?

When it comes to choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider, there are many options in the market for nonprofits and charities. The fact that not all plans are related to Intuit QuickBooks, it is important to do your own research. By choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider, there are some factors that need to be considered.

  • Reputation: Reviews about the hosting service your choosing really makes a difference. Their reputation in the business market plays a big role in it. Before choosing what hosting, provider would be good for you, it is always advisable to check the reviews, awards, and the reputation of their services as a whole.
  • Experience: Even in business, it is obvious that the requirements of a nonprofit and charity would be different from normal business. They have very specific needs and challenges, which also requires very unique solutions to it. Considering the different types of accounting in a nonprofit business, the hosting provider should have enough experience in dealing with your relevant situation.
  • Support: You don’t know when and under what circumstances you might need some IT help for your provider. This is one of the reasons why your QuickBooks hosting provider should be reliable and responsive towards your queries. There needs to be 24/7 guidance via any call, text, email. This is one of the ways you can work efficiently.
  • Pricing: Investing a massive amount of money for a QuickBooks host seems like a dicey choice. It is always beneficial to find affordable options that give you all the benefits. Do your research and find plans which do not limit your requirements but also have a limited expenditure.


Keeping a hosting plan sounds like a great option for non-profits or charities. It can help you in maintaining your data clearly. Moreover, it can also keep your data secure. However, one must need to find a hosting plan that is suitable to you according to your plans and needs. By doing a basic research, you can know how QuickBooks hosting is a suitable plan for you.

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