Free up Resources to Reinvest in Business

Organizations around the globe endeavour hard in order to generate revenue for not only staying buoyant but also for growing their business and for creating value for the society. Still, if expenses eat into your revenues and minimize your profits, then your organization is likely to suffer.

Wondering what you can do for maximizing profit?

Here’s what most tech savvy companies are doing.

Most organizations are transitioning towards the cloud. Cloud based technology is more robust than ever. Organizations are making the most of cloud based technologies for curtailing costs and maximizing their profits. Also, this transition brings many added benefits for these organizations some of which have been mentioned below:

  • Anytime Anywhere Access: With cloud hosting, users get access to their software, data and applications anytime, anywhere.
  • Cross Platform Synchronization: Virtual machines are used for accessing applications and data while on cloud. The virtual machines are compatible with all major operating systems such as OS X, Windows, Android,
  • Security: Cloud hosting providers employ state of the art technology for ensuring security of user’s data. Most organization use the following technologies for keeping hackers at bay:
    • SSL(Secure Sockets Layers) and TLS(Transport Layer Security) security
    • SSH key encryption with SSH agent
    • Firewalls, antivirus and antimalware systems
  • Cost Saving: The biggest benefit of cloud hosting is that it helps users in curtailing costs and expenses. Exorbitant costs such as those of purchasing hardware, maintenance, electricity, IT staff can be avoided with Cloud Hosting.
  • Scalability: Cloud has the ability to scale according to requirements. Due to its elastic nature, users can, at any point of time, provision or deprovision computing resources. Also, most hosting providers have a pay as you go pricing model, hence you will only be paying for what you use.

You do not have to take our word on the efficacy of cloud computing. There are many researches that show that cloud computing is being adopted by many organizations around the globe.

  • Private Cloud Adoption has decreased by 5%.
  • 85% enterprises are employing a multi-cloud (PaaS IaaS and SaaS) strategy
  • 95% of the organizations are running their applications or are experimenting with IaaS(Infrastructure as a service.)
  • Concerns about data security have fell down from 29% to 25%.

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