How Cloud makes Storage Easier in QuickBooks?

Cloud Storage

QuickBooks is a widely used software among CPAs and tax professionals all around the world. It is mainly known as the powerhouse of accounting softwares. However, there might be certain drawbacks, limited access or security hazards, if storing data in QuickBooks cloud server. There are certain solutions that can be used to make a change in this issue. If you wish to have an organized and convenient way to store and manage your data, cloud storage will be beneficial for you.

What is Cloud Storage?

There are several servers that are connected to internet services. These servers might help you in saving your data and files. Using different cloud storage options for example, Dropbox or Google Drive, and many others, you will get to upload, download, and even sync your data across many devices. This way the threat of thefts will be reduced. The fear of not syncing your data or losing it will no longer be there.

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How Does Cloud Storage Work with QuickBooks?

There are two main ways to use cloud storage with QuickBooks: syncing and hosting.

Syncing QuickBooks Files with Cloud Storage

Syncing of data is an important key factor nowadays. The same rule applies to the QuickBooks data as well. You can copy the data from your computer or a local server as well. There are two ways, you can either do it manually or you can use the automatic approach as well. Drop box, Amazon, etc are some of the famous cloud servers. Since there are multiple offers, you need to check which one is convenient for you.

However syncing of data in the cloud file comes with certain restrictions. We have listed all the cons of it down below:

  • QuickBooks allows limited access to multi users. One cannot share or collaborate data with more than one person at a time. It does not even allow editing QuickBooks files.
  • You might face a lot of errors or corruption when you try to sync your QuickBooks files. This is one of the major drawbacks that you might face.
  • If you sync your files with a cloud storage provider that is not compatible with QuickBooks, you may lose some features or functionality of QuickBooks Desktop.

Hosting QuickBooks on Cloud Server

When you use a remote server which is hosted by a third out source to install and run your QuickBooks software and files. The third parties may involve Quarium Hosting2 or Ace clouding. With your internet connectivity, you are allowed to access your QuickBooks plans from anywhere or anytime. As per your choices, you can share your QuickBooks with other people.

Find Suitable QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Plan For Your Business
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QB host offers a lot of benefits. Go ahead and read them.

  • We can access the QuickBooks data straight from the cloud. There is no need for a third party source.
  • It also allows you to have multi user access. You can also see the changes that occur live.
  • Since there are a lot of features in QuickBooks, you might want to try all of them.
  • Since it is an advanced tool, stuff like IT issues, security, and restoration are handled by the cloud itself.
  • You can access all of the cloud hosted apps with this. For example- Microsoft, Google, Chrome etc.

Why is QuickBooks better than Cloud Hosting?

This question is raised by a lot of customers. Both ways have their own benefits that will help in improving the hosting and its working. However, hosting QuickBooks in the cloud will always give you an upper hand while restoring data.

When we access QuickBooks on the cloud, it helps in improving the features of the software. With teamwork, the modification and transferring of files become easier. It helps in sharing all the files.

Another benefit is how it makes our work efficient and seamless. With all the resources and needs, it helps in maintaining an internal network.


In order for you to access your QuickBooks data anytime and anywhere, cloud storage is one of the best ways. However, you may choose whether you want to sync or host your QuickBooks data. This solely depends on your requirements for your business. Where syncing is an easy and friendly option for restoring the data, Hosting is quite a developed and secure option. Both ways, your data will be stored and will be easy to manage.

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