How can you Convert Your Company File to a Newer Version of QuickBooks?

Convert Your Company File to a Newer Version of QuickBooks

In the current business market, QuickBooks is receiving massive praises for the benefits provided which is bringing growth. Not just this, QuickBooks is simultaneously working in terms of its upgrade as well. Upgrades are quite important as it can enhance your working methods and bring upgradation in your business. If you do not have proper knowledge, you should not start with the process of converting a conversion file. Therefore, with this article we will help you to know “How can you convert your company file to a newer version of QuickBooks?”

To know more in detail, read the article till the end. However, in case you face any problem our team is also here to assist you at their best.

Some Important Tips before you upgrade or convert the file:

Here are some tips and tricks you should keep in mind before moving on to upgrade or convert your file:

  • Only the admin user has the ability to update the QuickBooks company file.
  • Updating the company file across a network not advised.
  • You will not able to open a company file in its prior version once it has changed or converted to the new one.
  • A Pro or Premier file that upgraded to an Enterprise edition or converted would no longer open in an earlier version.
  • Only QB desktop Enterprise edition is compatible with enterprise company files.
  • You should rebuild and confirm the integrity of your company file before upgrading or converting it.
  • This would facilitate the updating of the corporate file. If a mistake occurs, you can contact QuickBooks Support Service providers or visit Intuit’s official website.

What are the benefits of updating QuickBooks Desktop Version?

Several new features and functionalities added when you update the company file and QuickBooks accounting software to the most recent edition. Upgrading the company file to a new version comes with many more features and benefits. Let’s investigate:

  • With an update, one can benefit from improved data security
  • Elimination of errors and defects may be an additional benefit of the same.
  • You may track the status of invoices in real time, get better data files, and more by updating the software.

Step by Step Process of Converting Company File:

To look for problems in the corporate file, we need to double examine the data. You are unable to make any modifications to the company file once it has converted. These are the items that aid in the conversion and updating of firm files.

  1. First, a portable company file must made.
  2. Don’t use alphanumeric characters in the corporate file name (! @#$ %^&*).

Re-Sort all the six of the major list

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  1. Clicking the top bar icon will reveal the list of vendors, clients, and staff. After seeing the list, search the list.
  2. After selecting View, choose the Re-sort list.
  3. Item List: Navigate to the list, pick Item list, and then Click Account, which located on the bottom left of the screen. The resort list is the last choice.
  4. The account chart: Click on Account at the bottom left to select the Chart of an account; the last choice is Re-sort list.
  5. You will now reset the admin password or password hint since, on occasion, pass codes cause issues, so you should update the password for security.
  6. Reassemble the information: restoring your business’s data via the official Intuit website.
  7. Check the Data: Go through the Intuit website’s information relating to data verification.
  8. Examine the QuickBooks log file and look for any issues by searching for the error in the QBWin.log file.

How to convert or upgrade your file?

Prior to upgrading or converting your company file, you must first install QuickBooks Desktop 2019—the most recent version of the program.

QuickBooks company files can only upgraded or converted by the admin user.
  • You are obviously an administrator if you are the only user of your company file. In order to proceed with these instructions, you must sign in as the “Admin” user.
  • The notice “The Company file needs to updated” will appear if you wish to edit your QuickBooks Company file but are not an administrator.
  • To update the company file, kindly ask your QuickBooks administrator to do so.
Avoid using a network to update your QuickBooks Company file.
  • One thing which you need to understand is that when updating a corporate file, you have to map out the network drive or keep it on a network. This will require an unsecured conversion. Additionally, it opens the file to corruption.
  • Moreover the file needs to saved locally on the desktop computer that you often use to operate QuickBooks desktop.
Older versions of QuickBooks cannot open an upgraded data file.
  • If you convert your QuickBooks to a later version, it will be difficult to open QuickBooks. An older version of QuickBooks will not be able to open the QuickBooks Company file. It needs to be in one of the current versions.
  • Prior to updating, QuickBooks Desktop will automatically create a backup of your data file. You can always restore this backup using the earlier edition of QuickBooks if you’d like to go back to that version.
  • You can restart the upgrade by restoring the backup using the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop if the transfer process halted for any reason.
Just QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise editions support enterprise firm files.

Simply follow the instructions below if you want to try upgrading or converting a company file from an older version to the newest one:

  • Retrieve and check the corporate data file.
  • If the verification procedure is unsuccessful, locate and resolve error commands using the qbwin.log file.
  • Once the upgrade is finished, do a data utility verification to ensure the updated data file is in excellent condition. Proceed with the preceding stages if this step is unsuccessful.

What are the steps included to upgrade or Convert the company file?

If you have an active QB membership, an Easy Upgrade function will automatically make an updated copy of your most recent files. Moreover, you can upgrade more firm files by carrying out the below actions.

  • Launch the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select Open or Restore Company from the File menu.
  • Select Open a file for a corporation.
  • Select Next.
  • Click Open after selecting your data file.

Important Note: Follow the directions provided if the Move Company File window opens.

  • Learn about the New Version pane by carefully reading the Update Company File’s information. To confirm that you understand, tick the box and choose Update Now.
  • To back up your file, adhere to the instructions given. Note down the place where your file saved.
  • “Do you want to continue?” may appear as a popup when you attempt to open a company file in a more recent version of QuickBooks. Choose “Yes.”
  • In addition, after the file has modified, take these actions:
  • Until you are positive that it won’t needed again, make sure to store the backup in a secure place.
  • If the file copied from another PC, make a copy of the file on the machine it came from (or copied from).
  • Look for *.QBW files on your hard drive if you cannot locate your data file in the designated folder or in its original location. For further details, go up Display hidden files, directories, and files using Windows.
  • Check out your payroll service if QB Desktop Payroll attached. Select My Payroll Service from the Employees menu, then click Account/Billing Information.

Here are some points that needs to be kept in mind for a smooth upgrade of your QuickBooks Company File:

Prior to updating Your company file, there are a few things you need to do from your prior version of QB. These are some of the most critical things to remember.

  • Using Your lists as a resource.
  • Recreate the data file.
  • Check the data file you have.
  • Examine the Qbwin.log file to see any error messages.
  • Make that the revised data files for QB are in good condition.


We hope through this article, you were able to get a hang of how to convert your company file to a newer version of QuickBooks. It is important to understand the basics before going on to any process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can you move your QuickBooks Desktop company file to a new computer?

Ans. For transferring your data to a new computer, go through all of these ways that given below:

  1. First and foremost, look for the menu in QuickBooks.
  2. Then choose to migrate QuickBooks to another computer. Do this after you choose utilities.

Q. How can I upgrade my QuickBooks?

Ans. Firstly go to the settings tab and select account and settings. In the following step, select the billing method to complete upgrading your plan, then Prior to selecting the account and settings tab, you must first pick the settings tab. At the settings tab, there is an option available to upgrade your QuickBooks.

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