QB Online or QB Enterprise: What’s the Right Choice For You?

QuickBooks Online vs Enterprise

QuickBooks is one of the oldest accounting software in the market. It has been there for more than a decade now. After its launch in 2001, there have multiple upgraded versions. Its constant updates has made this version worth being user choice in the market. While dealing with all the QuickBooks updates, Intuit considered QuickBooks online to be the future leader in the accounting software market.

As the years have passed, we can see significant growth. Even though the user base has grown consistently, QuickBooks still has a long way to go. QuickBooks has managed to stay in the game due to its simple and user-friendly customer experience. When using QuickBooks, you can easily get accustomed to its ways and there won’t be any problem.

With the help of this article, we will draw a comparative line between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop. As someone who works for a small or mid scale business, which QuickBooks version would be the best for you.

QuickBooks Online Vs QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise (QB Enterprise):

When you’re in a situation where you have to deal with complex accounting solutions, you can check out QuickBooks Enterprise. It helps in handling business by providing us various important features like tracking of inventory, checking payments, payrolls, invoices etc.

In the current market, up to 40 professionals are using QuickBooks Enterprise to handle their business. Even though the software is a heavy one up to 1 GB, its efficiency is what makes it a user choice.

2019 saw the release of QuickBooks Enterprise, a new and improved edition with a number of interesting new features, including IIFT Import Feature, Credit Transfer Between Jobs, and Invoice Tracker.

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Additionally, QuickBooks Enterprise desktop’s performance can enhanced by including all cloud-specific capabilities, such mobility, flexibility, and data protection, when it hosted on the cloud.

You are also freed from IT-related concerns because cloud service providers provide full setup, upgrade, and maintenance assistance.

QuickBooks Online (QB Online):

QuickBooks Online is a web based application for accounting professionals which helps in managing their day to day requirements, such as data management, financial information assistance. All of this can done anytime, anywhere. It provides efficiency in your work with constant accessibility which brings growth. With QuickBooks online, you get an accounting solution with features like invoices, payments, tracking of time etc.

QuickBooks online offers a collaboration of up to 25 users simultaneously, with different geographical locations and freedom of operating systems. QuickBooks online is available in three different versions that can used according to what you want. The three versions are- Simple start, Essential, and Plus.

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However both the versions give out a different productivity all together. With its different features, it provides a simplicity to the business.

FeaturesQuickBooks EnterpriseQuickBooks Online
Banking data synchronizationYes
Advanced InventoryYes
Advanced pricing Yes
Language SupportedUSA, UK, Canada, InternationalUSA
Reporting & FinancesYes
Automated online bankingYes
Tax PaymentYes
Industry Specific ToolsManufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and contractors
Payment MethodMonthly/AnnualMonthly/Semi-Annual 
Work Order & SchedulingYes
Integrate with QB Point of SaleYes
Free UpdatesCertain UpdatesYes
Payroll & EmployeesYes
Free Support from Intuit3 yearsYes
Job CostingYes
Integrate with QB Point of Sale Yes
PricingStarts from $1039.50/user/yearStarts from $10/user/month
Balance sheet by class & locationYes
Automatic report emailingYes

Conclusion: Which one should you choose?

It can be a hard choice to choose between both the versions. Every business is different and has a different requirement. This is why it is impossible to reach a solution. So you need to carefully go through all your requirements and have your decision ready.

Your budget also needs to aligned perfectly when it comes to choosing your best bet at an accounting software. So these pointers need to kept in mind while choosing your specific version:

  1. QuickBooks online can be a perfect choice if your business includes accounting done by freelancers or someone with a smaller budget.
  2. QuickBooks Enterprise is a fine pick for businesses with large and complex accounting that needs to addressed quickly.
  3. If you need accounting software for a large business and which is also remotely accessible, QuickBooks Enterprise will work the best for you.

We hope this article helps you attain some insight regarding QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Online. Make sure you do your research before choosing which version you need to go for.

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